I Need You And Only You

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Ey yo, this chapter is gonna be hella long so sit back, grab your popcorn and drinks and buckle the fuckle up because let's get this party started 🙋🏼‍♀️

Clementine's POV again

We all head out to McDonald's. Violet rode with Lee, AJ and I.

Louis,Marlon,Brody,Ruby, and Aasim rode together while Mitch,Willy and Omar rode in Mitch's Truck.

Kenny, Katjaa And Duck we're coming too. I haven't seen Kenny since when we first moved here.

We make it to McDonald's and it's kinda crowded. We get out and go inside to wait for everyone else.

"I'm proud of you tonight" Violet says and intertwines our fingers. She brings my hand up and kisses the back of it.

A pink color comes across my cheeks "Thanks Babe" She gives me a toothy smile and rubs the back of my hand with her thumb.

"Dad, can I have a happy meal!" AJ exclaimed. "When everyone else gets here, we need to wait okay?" AJ nodded and ran to go find us a seat.

Me and Violet walk to where AJ is. We sit down at the table. Another table is to the side of us. It's big enough for the group.

I look out of the window and see everyone getting out of the car. Mitch pulls up and parks next to Louis and them.

They see us in the window and wave. I smile at them and wave back, gesturing for them to come inside. Louis gives me a thumbs up and makes his way to the door with everyone else following.

They come in and walk back to us. "Hello Ladies, and AJ" Louis smiled at us. Everyone waved and said 'hello' and sat down at the table next to us. "Hey Louis!" AJ says and holds up his hand for a high five. Louis does the same and high fives AJ. "What's up buddy?" He sat down next to AJ who was in front of me and Violet while we sat in front of him.

"Sooo, guess who's doing on a date tomorrow?!" Louis exclaims. "Did James ask you out?" He shakes his head. "No, not yet, we'll I hope but he said that he would take me out to this restaurant down town" He smiles big. "Well I'm happy for you two" I say. "Thanks Clem, it means a lot"

Kenny, Katjaa And Duck made it. I went over and said hi them while Duck made small talk with Lee.

"Hey Darlin, how are you doing?" Kenny asked me. "I'm doing fine Kenny, and how are you Katjaa?" I ask. "I'm good Clem, it's really nice to see you, AJ and Lee again" I smile at them. "Yeah, we're glad we could see you guys too"

We all order our food. Violet and I got the basic fries and a 20 piece nugget like we did on our 'first date' and shared it.

AJ got a happy meal with a Miles Morales Into the Spider Verse action figure.

Lee sat a seat behind us with Kenny and Katjaa while Duck sat with the group.

This day isn't that bad. I'm hanging out with my favorite people. My favorite girlfriend. And my favorite family members.

"Remember when we had our first date here?" She said smiling at me while in the process of eating a chicken nugget. "Yeah, I really enjoyed that day with you, I was wondering actually" I clear my throat. "I want to be the one to plan our second date, if that's okay with you?" She smiles and takes my hand in hers. "Everything is great with you" I smile and lean my head on her shoulder.

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