Who is this Girl?

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Violets POV

I woke up from clem tossing and crying in her sleep. I lean up and shake her gently. "No! No don't!" She cried out in her sleep. "Clem, baby, wake up" she keeps tossing and turning. The only thing I knew to do that would wake her up and calm her down is to hum a song.

I pick her up gently and hold her in my arms. I start to hum my favorite lullaby as a kid. 'Row your boat'.

Eventually she started to calm down. She leaned her head against my chest and wrapped her arm around me. I started to gently sway side to side and kept humming.

Her eyes slowly opened and looked into mine. "Hey baby, I'm here, I got you, your safe" I start to calm her down. She sniffs and hugs me tighter. "Shhh, I got you" I lean down and kiss her forehead.

"Don't leave me" she nuzzles her head farther into the crook of my neck. "I promise I won't, I never will"

"Come on, lets go back to sleep" she nods and lays down. I lay down too and wrap my arms around her waist. "I love you baby" I can feel her smile against my neck. "I love you too"

Time skip to morning

I already know that this day is gonna suck. Especially without Clem not there. She doesn't come back until next week. The thing is, our one month anniversary is next month. I actually can't believe I've been with that angel for almost a month.

I open my eyes a see Clem still sleeping. I'm planning on making her breakfast in bed. I can already smell food so I'll just bring hers up to her.

I slide her arms off of me and make my way out of her room.

I walk into the kitchen to see Carley already cooking breakfast. She see's me and smiles.

"What are you doing up Violet? It's way to early" she says. "I know, but I was wanting to make clem a breakfast in bed, she had a nightmare last night and doesn't feel too good" she smiles. "Aww, how thoughtful of you, she'll appreciate it" I smile back at her. "I'd do anything for her, she means the world to me" she nods. "And you mean the world too her, I can see it in both of your guys eyes, you two love each other so much and deserve to be together forever" I smile at her. "Thank you Carley" she nods. "No problem sweetie, breakfast will be ready in a bit"

I hear running down the stairs. AJ comes down and slides into the kitchen.

"What's that smell? Is that Bacon!" He exclaims. "AJ be quite, Clem's still asleep and doesn't feel good" I say. "Really? I'm gonna go wake her up" he begins to run off but I stop him. "No buddy, I'm going to wake her up myself with some breakfast, if you want to help you can but don't wake her up right now" he nods and walks over to the table to sit down.

After Carley made Clem's plate, AJ and I took it up to Clem.

AJ held the door open for me while I walked in with her food. I say the tray on her nightstand next to her bed and sat down next to her.

"Clemmm, wake uppp" I say. She stirs. "Whattt?" She rolls over and looks at me. "Guess what I got you" I say. She starts to sniff and smell the food. "Did you make me breakfast?" She asked. "Well Carley made it, i had the idea of bringing it to you since you don't feel good" I say.

"Good Morning Clem!" AJ jumps on Clem and knocks the breathe out of her. He hugs her tight and she hugs back. "Good Morning to you too Goofball" she says with a smile. "Don't call me goofball!" He crosses his arms and playfully pouts. "Did you really do this for me?" She asked with a groggy voice. I nodded. "I'd do anything for you babe" she smiles and pulls me down for a little small kiss.

We hear AJ laugh. Shit I forgot he was in here. "What are you guys doing?" He asks. "Uhm, kiddo, well...uhm you know I love violet right?" Clem asked. He nodded. "Yeah, I love her too" he said. "Yeah, but I love her in a different way" she says. "Put it like this, Violet is my girlfriend and I'm her girlfriend" I smile at her. "Oh, so you mean...Love right?" She nodded. "Yeah Love, Love means you can like anyone you want too, boy or girl, it doesn't matter, and that means you want to spend the rest of your life with them, and do amazing things together, Love is Love no matter what kiddo" He smiles. "That's cool, well I'm glad she's your girlfriend?" He asked. "Yes, she's my girlfriend"

I smiled at the two. "I love you guys" I said. "We love you too" AJ and Clem said at the same time.

After Clem finished her breakfast, I gave her a quick hug and kiss before I left.

"Be sure to call me when you get to school! I love you Vi!" She says. "I love you more Clem!"

I blow a kiss to her and walk out of her room.

Lee took me to school. I thanked him for it and ran inside.

Louis and Marlon made it right after me, I wonder why they were so early.

"Hey Vi, whatcha doin?" Louis said as he took a seat next to me. He's sitting in Clem's seat. That's my girlfriends seat.

"Hey Lou, I'm begin bored out of my mind, how about you?" I ask sarcastically. "I'm doing great, but I have a feeling today's gonna be way boring now that clem isn't gonna be here" I nodded. "Hell Yeah it will" Marlon said. "Yeah, she didn't feel good this morning anyway so I made her breakfast, well Carley did, I brought it to her" I said with a smile. "How nice of you vi, looking out for your girlfriend" I roll my eyes. "So, are you ready for your date tonight?" I ask Louis.

He smiles. "Yeah I am, but I'm a little nervous, how should I dress? Should I wear a tie? No, no tie. How about a bow-" "dude, just wear something normal, you guys aren't going to some fancy restaurant" I said. "Fine, fine"

After that class, I had to stop by my locker real quick. I said my goodbyes to Louis and Marlon and started walking in the other direction.

I stopped by my locker and opened it up. Seeing all the shit in there that I don't even use anymore.

I get done and start to head to my neck class until I bump into someone by accident.

"Shit, sorry" I turn to get a good look at the person. It was a girl with brown hear and brown eyes, like Clem's. "No, your fine, I shouldn't have been standing in your way" I shake my head. "Don't worry, you didn't" She smiles. "Uhm..I should probably introduce myself while I'm at it" she holds out her hand. "I'm Gracie" I reach out and shake her hand. "Violet" I say. "That's a nice name, by the way" she trailed off. "Have you seen a girl with brown hair, golden brown eyes, plays baseball for here, and is...really hot, I think her name is Clementine?"

Uhm, excuse me. What? No way did this girl just call Clem hot. Should I tell her that she's mine? I don't know but if this girl lays a hand on Clem. I'll lay this bitch down in a heartbeat.

"Uhm, she's not here today, she's sick actually, why do you want know where she is?" I raise my eyebrows.

"She's supposed to be tutoring me some time this week and I needed to talk to her about it, I was going to go by her practice today to watch her but now that she's not here, I guess I won't" she says.

I swear this girl. Is she really trying to get with Clem? Does she know that she's taken? By me? And what does she mean by tutoring. I've never seen this girl before and I've never seen Clem talk to her. How does she know clem?

"Oh, well she's supposed to be coming back next week, she gets off of her suspension next Monday" I say. She raises an eyebrow. "Wait are you friends with clem?" Bitch, she's my fucking girlfriend. And you should know that. I don't know if I should tell her just yet. I want to see what this girl is up too.

"Uh Yeah, I'm good friends with clem" I say. "Really? Can you give her something for me?" She asks. "Sure, what is it?" She reaches in her back pocket and pulls out a small piece of paper. "Can you give her this?" I take the note. "Sure" She smiles. "Thank you, uhm I'll see you around?" I shrug. "See ya" I say and walk off in the other direction.

I open the note and read it.

Hey Clem, if you need me, my number is 864-274-2235. I'll be waiting  - Gracie <3

Oh hell no, this is not happening. I crumble the note into a ball and throw it in the trash can.

Who the fuck does this girl think she is?

I don't know, but she's not going to go anywhere near Clem, or I'll take her down myself.

Hey guys. Sorry for the late update. I've been sick. Like really fucking sick. I have pink eye, and it hurts so bad. I can't see out of my right eye :(

I'm also throwing up, I haven't thrown up in 2 years. That's how sick I am. It sucks I know, but that won't stop me from updating for you guys.

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