The Three Words

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Just saying if you don't like smut then you probably shouldn't read this chapter js 🤷🏼‍♀️ this whole chapter is basically smut. But anyways if you do read this, enjoy ;)

Violets POV

I push Clem down on the bed. "As long as we're not too loud" I said and winked at her. She giggled. I place my hands next to her head. I look into her eyes. I lean down and kiss her lips gently. She places a hand behind my neck and deepens the kiss. I bring one of my hands up and place it on her abdomen. I bite her lip and suck on it so it makes that 'pop' sound again. I do that a few more times before I stop.

I lean back and make my way down to her neck. Going from her lips, jawline then to her neck. I nip and suck on it until it makes more 'love bites'. She lets out soft moans into my ear. Damn I never knew she could sound like that. I lean back and look into her eyes. "Are you sure you want to do this? We can always stop if you want too" I say. She nods. "Yeah, this is my first time but at least I'm doing it with someone hot" she says. "Me? Hot? Have you met you? Your the definition of hot" I smirk and look her up and down. I'm basically sitting on her lap at this point.

I place my hand under her shirt and on her stomach and make my way up. "If you ever feel like you need to stop, tell me and we will, okay?" I say. "Okay" she says and smiles. I smile and place my lips back on hers. I slowly make my way up to her breasts. I stop when I get there, teasing her. Supposedly when you tease someone, they get more turned on.

I pull my hand out of her shirt. She makes a disappointing sound and I smirk. "Can I take his off?" I ask and pull at the bottom of her shirt. "Sure" She says. I pull her shirt up gently over her head. After it's off, all I can do is stare. She blushes and gestures for me to take mine off. I look down at my shirt and then back up at her with a smirk playing on my lips.

I take mine off and we're both left in bras and jeans. I look back at her and lean down to kiss her stomach where her amazing abs were. I plant little kisses, making my way slowly up her body. I eventually make it to her chest area. She raises her chest up so I can take off her bra. I reach behind her back and unclip it with one hand.

She takes it off and throws it on the floor. I look down and pay all my attention to the glory that was in front of me. Her chest wasn't too big, not to small, and not to flat either. Her chest was perfect, she was the definition of perfect. I lean down and take one of her nipples in my mouth. She moaned at the action and maybe a little bit too loud. "Shhh, not too loud" I said.

I circle my tongue on it, massaging her other breast at the same time. She reached around my back and unclipped my bra. She picked it up and threw it to the side. I back up from her breast and look down at her. She flips me over, taking control. I'll let her have it this time.

She looks down and hesitantly places her hands on mine this time. "It's okay, I don't bite" I say. She smiles and begins to slowly massage them. She's just a beginner but it still felt pretty good.

She stops and I flip her back over. "It's okay Clem, your a beginner, let me do all the work and you can learn from me, okay?" She nods. I look at her and lean down to kiss her lips again. I slide my tongue into her mouth and I get a noise of approval from her. God this girl is the death of me.

I lean back and place my hands on her hips. "Like I said before, if at any point you need to stop, you tell me" I say. She looks at me and nods. I slowly unzip her pants and drag them down to her feet. Followed by me taking off her panties. I stare at her womanhood. It was like looking into heaven. I look down and see that I'm still in my jeans. I take them off with clem watching my every move.

When I eventually got them off, she just stared. "Like what you see hun?" I ask. "Always" She says. I roll my eyes and lean down placing my lips back on hers. She moves her lips in sync with mine. She placed a hand on my cheek while I had my hand resting on her thigh. I ran my hand up and down her leg. She caressed my cheek with her hand, slowly rubbing her thumb on it.

I lean back and get at the end of the bed. I grab her legs and gently pull her down to me. She giggles like a kid while I pull her close. I look down and then back at her. "You ready?" I ask. She nods and leans her head back against the bed.

I begin slowly, sucking on her clit. I hear her breathing starting to catch up. Eventually it slows down because of the rate I'm going at. I nip and bite on it gently, I don't want to hurt her. She moans softly. "Vi..." she moans. I started to pick up the pace. I suck on it a little harder. She grips the bed sheets and moans a little bit louder than before. "Fuckk..Violet" She says or moans, I don't know. "Shhhh, just let it happen" I say.

After I finish all of that, I was drained and I'm pretty sure clem was too. I crawl up to her and plant one last kiss on her lips. I slide my tongue back into her mouth. She moans weakly. I lean back and smirk at the tired girl under me.

I get off of her and lay down next to her. I check out the 'love bites' I made earlier. "Damn, I'm doing really good" I brush my finger against one of them that's placed on her neck. "Yeah, you are" she places her arms around my waist. I look into her beautiful Carmel eyes. We both stare into each other's eyes for minute. I take my hand and brush a piece of hair behind her ear. Until I speak up. I finally have the guts to say this. "I love you" I say. She looks at me and smiles. "Really?" She asks. I nod. "Yeah, I truly do Clem" She smiles even more and pulls me into a hug. "I love you too" she whispers back into my ear. I smile and hug her tight. We both said those amazing but meaningful three words.

Hey! You made it to the end, congratulations. You get a sticker for making it this far. Okay I'm kidding but seriously. I hoped you enjoyed. Even though this was basically a 'smut' chapter. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed. 💕 have an amazing day/night :)

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