Ashley POV

Being wrapped in Austins arms felt so right, it felt like I was ment to be like his shape and my shape were a puzzle and we fit perfectly.

"But Austin I dont want us to be a secret, ive done secret realtioships before and they never work." I said. All my realtionships had ended badly maybe I just wasnt a realtioship kind of person. But I felt as if Austin was different, I felt as if what he was  saying was true.

"Ashley I would never want us to be a secret, I dont know how any one would want to keep somthing as wonderful as you a secret." he said. Boy did he know how to make me fall even harder for him, he always knew the right words to say. "Actually I was thinking after we tell our friends and familys we could do a live Ustream and tell my Mahomies about us, I want to show you that im being serious about this realtionship. I care about you alot and I know that we have only known eachother a short time but I mean that." He was perfect, everything he said was perfect. How did I get so lucky, I was starting to not regret moving.

The next day I woke up at my normal time around 10:00 am. I looked at my phone and I saw I had a new text from Austin "Good morning beautiful(; text me when you wake up!" god this boy was so cute i texted him back good morning, and he asked if I wanted to hang out with him of course I said yes, but I told him I had to shower and get ready and I would text him after, I showered then blow dryed and straightend my hair as usualput on my normal makeup and walked over to my closet.

I had to wear somethign practical so i grabbed a pair of white shorts and navy blue v neck with gems around the neck line. I grabbed my phone and walked down stairs. By now it was 12;00 so I texted Austin asking him what he wanted to do.

Ashley: Heey.. whats the plan for today?!?

Austin: Wow do you take long enough to get ready(; and Im going to pick you up, dress casual.. its a surprise(;

Ashley: haha yess. and alright im ready so whenever.

Austin: coming

Jeez was this boy fast, a few minutes later a black escalde pulled into the driveway. I said goodbye to my parents and walked out to the car.

"Heey beautiful, you look gorgeous." he said, this boy knew the perfect things to say everytime.

"Aww why thankyou, and you dont look so bad yourself." I said getting into the car. "soo where are we going?" I asked taking his phone out of the charger and plugging mine in.

"Heey!" he said gesturing towards the phone coard "and its a surprise." he said smileing. He leaned in and give me a gentel kiss. And of course fireworks flew off, my lips touching him felt so right,

"okay, how long till we get there?" i said yawning alittle.

"Well its going to be awhile so you can go to sleep if you want." he said brushing some hair away from my face.

"Okay wake me up when we get there." I said, Austin grabbed my hand and held it tight. Then I drifted off into a deep sleep.

"Ashley, wake up were here." Austin said running one of his hands through my hair, i loved when he did that. when I looked out of the window to see where we were, we were in the middle of a giant field.

"Austin? where are we?" I said alittle nervously

"Youll see." he said then he turned off the egnition and got out of the car and waved for me to come with. I unbuckled my seat belt and reached for the door handle. Whatever were doing must be good if the boy is this excited.

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