Austin's POV

She looked beautiful, oh what was I saying this girl always looked beautiful. But today.. today was diffrent, today I finally had what i had been looking for all my life.. her. I had brought her to this fiel as our first date, and she looked kind of confused.

"Comeover here." I said pointitng to a spot just infront of me. She walked over and I put my hands around her waist and layed my chin on her shoulder, me and her togther felt perfect I didnt want this moment to end.

"Austin what are we doing out here?" She asked turning around to face me.

"Were going on an adventure." I  replied

"An adventure, what kind of an adventure?" she asked. And all of the sudden a huge hot air balloon began to fill up with air and rise high up above us. She turned to me and smilied. I knew she would be excited and thats why I did this. "Are you kidding a hot air balloon?" she asked me with the biggest smile on her face.

"I wanted to do somthing special for you, to show you that I do care about you, and I do really want to be with you." i said. She stared at me with those big brown eyes and then she kissed me, her kisses were amazing.

"Thank you." she said smiling she gave me one more small peck and ran up to the balloon, Normally someone would have to come with you up in the air to fly the balloon but my grandpa had taught me to fly them when I was litle, so we didnt need any help.

"Wait dosnt he have to come with us?" she asked looking alittle concerned.

"No, Ive been flying these things for close to 11 years Im a pro." I said shooting her a smile. She giggled then started to climb into the basket, I grabbed her waist and pulled her up to help her. "You ready?" I asked.

"of course." she replied. I could tell she was really excited. The whole way up she just stood at the edge of the basket and looked at all that was below. when we got to the top I let go of the rope and grabbed her by her waist. I sat my chin on her shoulder and whispered in her ear "Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?"

"your soo sweet." she said turning around to face me. I dont know what it was, if it was the sun hitting her in the perfect way or what but she looked so hot.

"Im just telling the truth." I said.

"Has anyone told you how amazingly cute you are?" she asked me while she was blushing alittle. God I loved when she did that.

"Ohh ive heard it once or twice." I said winking at her. she hit me playfully. I grabbed her and turned her around to face the Fields that we were over.

"Its soo beautiful out here." she said.

"Just like you." I said smiling, I loved they way her hair smelled, It smelled like watermelons I wonder how she gets it to smell like that. She turned her head and kissed me, which turned into a 10 minute makeout session. God this girl was makeing me crazy in a good way. "How about we go down and get some lunch?" I said while letting some of the air come out of the balloon.

"Sounds good to me!" she said.

When we got on the ground we headed to the car.

"Where do you wanna go?" I asked her. She thought about it for a mintue and said...

"How about Olive Garden?" God this girl is beautiful and she know how to eat, I could get used to this.

"Omg you read my mind!" I said. I started the engine and backed she layed her head on the side of her seat, and grabbed my hand and held it tight, and with that we were off.

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