Ashley's POV

I woke up the next morning at 5:00 A.M. I looked at my phone and I had no new notifications, I was really hoping to have somthing from Austin, but he was home schooled and he didnt have to get up till later.

I took a quick shower and decided today I would curl my hair since I had some time. I finished curling my hair at around 6:45, I put on my normal makeup but added alittle bit of eye liner to my bottom lid. Then I went to my closet and picked out a blue floral sundress and a white jean jacket to go over it, with some gladiator sandals. When I looked in the mirror, I was surprised I acctually liked my outfit today. I checked my phone again and noticed I had a new text from Austin "Good morning gorgeous, Im driving you to school today idc what you say(; Ill pick you up at 7;30." I smilied to myself how could I get so lucky with him.

I was sitting at the door at 7:25 when Austin pulled up. I hugged my mom and walked out the door. I opened the passengers side and got in. Austin greeted me with one of his amazing kisses,

"You look beautiful as usual." He said smileing at me.

"Aww thank you, but hey why are you up this early you didnt have to pick me up?" He was so good at surpriseing me but he really didnt have to pick me up.

"I wanted to, plus its your first day so I thought it would be nice." he said.

"well it is, thank you." I said, pulling him in for another kiss.

"Umm sorry to break up the love fest, but if we dont hurry up we wont be able to get McDonalds before school, and you know how cranky I get when Im hungry." I looked back to see who said that when I realized Alex and Robert were sitting in the backseat smileing at me.

"Ohh hey guys." I said. "I didnt realize you guys were back there." I said blushing.

"Kinda figured." Alex said to me laughing. "But can we go now, school starts at 8:30 and I cant be late again."

"Its the second week of school adn you were already late?" I asked him.

"Umm it takes time to look as good as I do." he said giving me a cocky smile. I started dying. Austin pulled out of the drive way and headed towards the middle of the town. San Antonio was pretty from what I had seen so far. We pulled up to McDonalds and went to the drive thru window.

"Hi welcome to McDonalds, how can I help you?" The woman asked thru the little speaker.

"Hold on a second." Austin said, "Alright Ashley what do you want?" he asked.

"Umm just a small strawberry banana smoothie." I responded

"Thats it?" he asked.

"Yuup." I replied.

"Okay Alex how about you?" he asked.

"Okay I want a the meal with the hot cakes and the sausage, I want 3 hashbrowns, 2 cinnamon rolls and a large orange juice." he said. I just looked at him in disgust, how could anyone eat that much? "what?" he asked looking at me like I was crazy.

"Nothing." I said laughing and turning around.

"Okay Robert how about you?" Austin asked.

"Um just get me a medium orange juice and a sausage egg mcmuffin." He said, now that sounded like a much better breakfast,

After Austin was done ordering, we payed for and got our food and drove off towards the school. When we got to the school it was 8:15 which ment we still had 15 minutes. But I decided I would go in early and look for my locker and all my classes. I kissed Austin goodbye and walked into the school with Alex and Robert, Alex who still had half of his breakfast showed me to the office and Robert said he would see me later. When I got to the office they gave me my schedual, and Alex took it from me to see if we had any classes togther. Luckily we had 5 out of 7 togther and the other 2 I had with Robert. I walked into my 1st period two minutes before the bell rang and right when I walked through the door I heard all the whispers and laughs but the one that hit me the hardest was, "Thats Austins Girlfriend, I heard he's dating her for the publicity. I mean look at her she isnt even that pretty." Some girl who I had never met in my life and who didnt even know my name said. I was heartbroken, was this true? Was Austin lieing to me, I sat next to Alex and totally spaced out the rest of the period.

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