Background: My parents and me had lived in Illinois my whole life, and now they drop a bomb on me! that me and them will be moving to San Antonio Texas in 2 weeks, half way through the first month of school and away from all my family and friends. What am I going to do?

Ashley POV


"Mom you cannot be serious, school just started! Im not going." My parents had just told me the worst news, that I would be moving like 2897429 billion miles away from all my friends and familly.

"Ashley this is not a discussion, your dad has accpeted a new job, and I was even offered a great new job as a principal out there." my mom said while packing a brown box with all of our kitchen supplies.

"Mom please dont make me go, I cant leave all my friends I love it here."

"Ashley since when have you loved it here, your always telling me this is the boringest place on the planet, your always telling me you want to move." which is true Plainfield Illinois is the dullest place you can ask for our high school is in the middle of a corn field. But when I said I wanted to moe I didnt mean to a place i couldnt see any of my friends and a place I wouldnt know anyone.

"Mom I didnt mean it, I love it in Plainfield please dont make me do this," i begged getting on my hands an knees trying to plead with her.

"Ashley Rose Burke this is finale, were leaving for Texas in 2 weeks weather you like it or not! So I would suggest you make the best of the situation and go upstairs and pack your stuff!" I knew that she was mad, and I knew that I was going wether I liked it or not.

"FINE!!" I screamed while stomping up the stairs makeing shure i slammed my door loud enough for my nextdoor neighboors to hear,

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