Ashley's POV

"Ashley where are we?" Asutin asked when we pulled up to a white bulding with pink and black curtains covering the windows.

"You'll see come on guys!" I said, When we walked in the door we were greeted by a older lady, sitting at a desk.

"Hi can I help you?" The woman asked.

"Yeah im the one who called earlier, Im here to see derelle." I said to her.

"Oh yes, hes expecting you, go ahead in." She said to me pointing at the door.

"Thank you." I said smileing to her and walking towards the door. When I got in cheer music was blasting from all the speakers in the gym. I noticed Derelle in the middle of the spring floor.

"Derellllllle!!" I screamed. And ran up to him giving him a huge hug.

"Ashleeey!!" He said screaming as well, Derelle was my old cheer coach he coached me for 5 years. Derelle had moved to San Antonio to open his own cheer gym, and he ahd always wanted me to visit him. "Are you on vacation girl?" He asked.

"No, I actually moved out here about 4 days ago." I said looking around the gym. It looked alot like the gym back in Chicago, Two spring floors, work out equiptment upstairs, a tumbletrak, adn a strip of dead floor.

"Are you serious!! Are you here to try out?" He asked, He seemed really excited.

"Actually no.. Im here to work some stuff with you im actually trying out for cheer at my highschool, but once I get in the hang of things ill be back here." I said, I really did miss cheering with him, he was the one who taught me everyhting.

"Alright girl, well I actually have a surprise for you, coach D and coach Greg are in for the week and theyll be here in 15 minutes, so we can work on some stunts." He said, all those were the coaches that had been coaching me with Derelle.

"Are you serious?!?" I was so excited.

"Yes, But hey you didnt introduce me to your friends." He said pointing to Austin, Alex and Robert. Alex and Robert wanted to tag along since there was nothing else to do.

"Oh my gosh im sorry, Derelle this is Austin my boyfriend." I pointed to Austin and he shook Derelle's hand. "And this is Alex and Robert my friends." I said.

"Hey guys, nice to meet you." Derelle said. "You come to see what this girl can do?" he asked.

"Hahah I guess so." Austin said "Is she any good." He said winking at me. The thing is Austin had no Idea what I could do.

"Is she any good, oh jeez she hasent told you?" he asked "Well I guess she'll just have to show you." He said laughing Derelle Knew what I could do. After I changed into my cheer clothes and Coach D and Coach Greg showed up we warmed up with a few stunts. Just halfs and double downs, then we worked the hard stuff 360's to tick tocks over stretches. And a few kick double baskets. The boys were amazed. Then we worked our tumbling, I through some easy passes Round off Back handspring layouts then I worked my doubles. They boys were astounded.

"Ashley I had no idea you were this good." Austin said to me he was still shocked.

"Dude youll be the captain for shure, No doubt." Alex said. Robert nodded his head in agreement.

"You guys wanna see her winning routine?" Coach Greg asked the boys. They all shook theyre heads and Derelle started the music.

5,6,7,8.. the routine ended flawless. It felt soo good to be on the cheer floor again. Austin ran up to me and gave me the worlds biggest hug.

"Why didnt you tell me about you being this good?" He asked me.

"I dont know I just didnt want to seem full of myself I guess." I said.

"Ashley your amazing, your an amazing person, and a amazing cheerleader. I amd the luckiest guy in the world." He said. And then he kissed me. Which was broken up by Greg, D, and Derelle asking me when I was coming back to competitive cheer. I told them after I tryed out for highschool cher I would think about it. And then we left. Today was amazing and tomorrow at tryouts was going to be even better.

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