Ashleys POV

It was sunday morning and the sun was shineing through my curtains in my room. I figured if the sun was up it was time for me to be to. I unplugged my phone from the charger and checked the time 11:45, jeez I normally cant sleep past 10. But i guess i was to caught up in my dream. Of course it was about Austin and Alex fighting over who got me, but i didnt get to see who was the winner.

I got out of my bed and went i to my bathroom to shower, i showered then blow dryed my hair then i straightned and put my nrmal makeup on. I then waled into my closet and pulled out a pair of baby pink shorts and a white tube top. I then looked at the clock again it was 1:00. which was a decent time for me, normally it took hourse for me to get ready.

I walked downstairs to find my mom and dad outside by the pool.

"Morning guys!" I said. I had been really happy ever since I had gotten home from Austins last night.

"Morning honey, its about time you got out of bed." my dad said.

"Sorry i dont know why I slept in so late." I said, while walking down the winding stair to the bottom part of the patio. "So what are we doing today?" I asked watching them blow up pool toys and drop them in.

"Well I already set up your trampoline, so theres not much else that needs to be done around here. why dont you just relaxe for the day." my dad said. Sometimes I really loved my dad he always kne how to cheer me up.

"Thanks dad." I said, walking back through the basements sliding door. The house was three stories and there were like 7 ways to get to the back yard. I went upstairs to the kitchen and made myself some mac n cheese. Then i figured i would catch up on some tanning. So I walked upstairs and put on my swim suite. i walked back outside and layed on one of the lounge chairs that were out in the middle n a briked area.

Sitting in the sun listening to musc was reaxing, till the sun was blocked. I opened my eyes and took off my sunglasses to find Austin, Alex and another guy infront of me.

"Umm hey guys do you need somthing?" I asked wondering why they were here.

"No just came over to say hi." they said. "so Hi."

"Well heey, haah." I said laughing " You guys can sit I said pointing to the empty chairs next to me. There were four chairs lined up faceing the lake that was behinde my house.

"okay!" they all said. Austin sat on my left said and Alex sat on my right and The other guy sat on the chair next to Alex. "so whatcha doing?" Ausitn asked.

"Umm jst tanning and listening to music." I said pointing to My Iphone that was on the small table that was between me and Austin. He quickly grabbed it to see what was playing. And what do you know, Austin's single "say somthin" was playing.

"I like your taste in music." he said noding to my phone.

"Thanks." I said blushing. "Your really talented." I said

"Why thank you." he said giving a little proud smile to all of us.

"Do you guys want somthing to eat?" I asked them all.

"Of course." they all said laughing."

"Alright follow me." I said. i picked up my towel and wrapped it around my self, then led them through the gate that seperated the pool from the yard and the shore to the lake. Then i led them through the sliding door and into the basement, The basement consisted of a couch that faced a small tv, and a fireplace. Also a bar and a small room behinde that which my dad made the game room. Across the way were two doors leading into a room and then a bathroom. I lead them up the basement steps and int the kitchen.

"what do you guys want." I asked. My parents werent home they had told me earlier that they wouldnt be home till around 7 that night,

"well what do you have?" the guy whos name I stil didnt know.

"okay im really sorry for asking but whats your name haha?" I said gesturing to the boy who was slim with tanned looking skin.

"oh hah im Robert." he said shooting me a smile.

"Okay, well you guys can look in the fridge and freezer or the cabinets." I said gesturing to all the places they could find food in the house.

"Jeez you guys have the whole grocery store in your house." Austin said, still looking in the fridge.

"haha I love my food." I said, kind of regreting that i did.

"Me to me to." ALex said looking to me and smileing.

"Well im going to go upstairs and change, help yourselfs to anything thats in there." I said. They all nodded and kept looking. I walked over to the little touch screen in the middle of the wall and presse radio and the whole house was filled with the sound of Drake, I smiled then waled up the stairs.

"You guys are right shes beautiful." I knew it was robert who had said that since he hadnt seen me the other day,

"Right and Alex is trying to take her from me." Austin said. I  just stood at the top of the stairs dumbfounded, Austin Mahone wanted me little me. The girl who still sleeps with a teshirt that smells like her house, the girl who is afraide tho watch scray movies by herself. why me?

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