-little insecure Ft. Kyle Scheible-

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AN: in this imagine I'm going to use Timmy's character from ladybird: Kyle!


As I was laying on Kyle's bed, I was looking down at myself and examining the shape of my body.

I noticed that almost everything was fine, except for my boobs. They were extremely flat and it made me very insecure.


''Mmm?'' He said as he looked up from his book, his cigarette hanging casually from his mouth.

''Are my boobs ugly?'' He blinked a few times at my question, then laughed and sat up, scooping closer to me.

He dumped his cigarette in the ashtray next to his bed before he took off my shirt and bralette gently and looked at my chest for a good minute.

''No they're not ugly. They're cute.'' He finally stated, placing his hands on my breast and feeling them up.

I smiled lightly and felt my cheeks heat up.

''Why are you asking?'' He said as he kissed my cheek.

''I don't know. They're just extremely flat and maybe you didn't like them.'' He chuckled again, kissing my neck instead now.

''Don't worry about it.'' He laid me down and crawled on top of me, slipping his hand into my pants and letting his fingers glide over my lady hood.

I felt his dick harden against my crotch and lightly moved my body up and down, creating some sort of friction to satisfy him as well.

''You're beautiful, Y/N. That's all I have to say.'' I smiled at his comment and kissed his lips softly.

After that, we just continued to fool around a little bit until I had to go home.

When we said our goodbyes, he told me again I was beautiful and I couldn't feel better about myself.


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