Chapter 5: Challenge

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I suck at this.

"You're like a child. Who can't do basic math like this?!" Kyoya sighed frustrated. You sat cross-legged on his bed now. The chairs were uncomfortable so you moved everythig to here. You rolled your eyes.

"With a calculator, duh. What else are they for?" That response earned a glare from him. It's like he is always angry or frustrated. You've never seen him happy before. Then again, you don't know him that well yet. If you're going to spend a lot of time together, might as well do so.

"So, tell me more about yourself."

"There is no reason why I should, so I won't," he stated while writing something down. You huffed.

"C'mon. There should be something interesting to tell." He stayed silent, not even looking up at you. "If you don't talk to me, I won't help you with work."

"Then you'll be my assistant for a long time and you won't be going home yet," he said. He had a point. But now you were intrigued. You doubt his life was that uninteresting.

"Okay, let me guess, then. You are your father's favourite," as soon as you spoke those words, he flinched.

So that was incorrect.

Satisfied with his reaction. You went on and on about his life. Sometimes he would glare. Sometimes he would stop writing for a split second. It was amusing to watch. "You have no love life, regardless being the manager of the Host Club." He looked up at you, but no emotion was displayed on his face. You couldn't read him very well now. If he had a girlfriend, or even a boyfriend, it should've been well known around the school.

"It's amusing," you said trying to get a reaction out of him. Anything, really. Kyoya pushed his glasses up his nose.

"What is?"

"You, being the manager of a Host Club and probably not even knowing how to flirt," you explained with a smirk. Kyoya sent you a glare. It was fun to tease him like that.

"Is that a challenge?" he asked with a sneer. You rested your head on your hand looking at him sideways and just smirked. He frowned. "You're like a child."

"Challenge accepted or not?" you asked.

"Challenge accepted."


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