Chapter 2: The Girl

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Kyoya's POV

It was gone?

My watch that I got from my mother was gone. Lost or even stolen perhaps. I tried to remember the last time I had it on. It was at the circus. The Twins were bored and asked how long we would still be there. After the performance of the rope, I don't remember having it anymore.

How could someone steal something from my wrist? The person must be a very skilled thief.

Baffled I took out my phone. Lucky, for me, my watch was a little bit more advanced. It had a tracker in it for if the owner over lost it. I opened the app I had installed a few months ago. It asked for the code and password. The code, as in which number of watch it was. I ticked it in.

It made a soft click noise, alarming me that it worked. A map opened up and a red dot appeared in the middle of the street. It was currently moving. As I suspected, it was not far from the place where the circus took place. With a sigh I stood up and picked up my jacket that fell on the floor earlier.


"You'll get in trouble for doing that some day, (Y/N)." The limo was parked a few streets away so that it wouldn't raise too much attention. I followed the red dot and I ended up here, in a park close by. A group of four people stood in a circle. They all seemed pretty young, around my age. Two of them were sitting on a wooden bench.

"Boss is happy with it and so am I. We gets a share and I get a share," the girl from the circus answered. I immediately recognised her. From what I've just heard, it seems like she was doing for a while already. And from what I've experienced, she's a very skilled thief.

"He's foolish for not letting you into one of our acts. You'd be amazing on the rope," one of the guy's said with a scoff. I was sitting on a bench a little further from them. Far enough for them to be suspicious, close enough so that I could hear their converstation. It's not necessarily eavesdropping. It's just patiently waiting for the perfect moment to approach her.

"He has never let her do anything except for practice or master some of the stuff we do. But perform? Never," a girl explained. Her voice was annoying. "I don't think he'll change his mind."

"What is he afraid of anyway?" the question of the guy remained unanswered as two of them got up. Nobody seemed to really know. "Either way, we should get going and get some rest. Boss will kill us if he knew we were still out this late."

"You go, I'm going to wander around some more," the thief said. The three friends hesitated.

"Alright, but don't make it too late, (Y/N)," the girl said and walked away with the other two boys. I finally knew the thief's name. She turned and walked passed me, until I stopped her.

"You have something that's mine," I casually cross my arms. (Y/N) pauses for a second but then starts to run.

Dammit. I hate running.

Since she's never been here before, she ran down the path that's been made for the visitors. But I've come here a thousand times with the Host Club. Especially for Mitsukuni. So I took another route. From behind the trees, I could see she was constantly looking behind her. When I was a little bit ahead of her, I dashed towards her. But (Y/N) wasn't paying attention to what's in front of her. We both crashed to the ground. I opened my eyes when the sting of pain faded away. (Y/N) fell on top of me. Her hand was placed on my now bare stomach, probably from trying to break her fall. She blushed when she realised that and quickly stood up. Before she could run away again, I grasped her wrist.

"You still have something that's mine. All I ask is to have it back. I won't report you," I say not letting her go. The girl's hair was now a mess but still looked beautiful, somehow. She looked down at my hand gripping her wrist and then back up at me.

"Hmpf. Fine," she says rolling her eyes. I let her hand go and she back away from me, rubbing her wrist. Then, she pulled something out of her pocket. But it wasn't my watch. "Wait. What?" (Y/N) started to panick when she saw the used tissue in her hand. She looks around and then stiffens. I follow her gaze. Something shiny was on the ground. (Y/N) picked it up. Piece by piece.

"It must've slipped out of my pocket," she whispers in disbelief. She probably realises that it's a very expensive watch. "I'm sorry. Here." She gave eventually gave it to me.

"I can't do anything with this."

"Who wears a watch anyway? Did you know your phone tells the time, too?" the thief mocks rolling her eyes. I glare at her.

"As a matter of fact, I do. But that's-"

"So you just wear it to show off how wealthy you are?"

"No. I have my own reasons to wear it. But that is not one of them," I say looking her straigth in the eye. "How will you repay me?"

"Repay you? You got your watch back. What do you want me to do?" she asks. "Bibedi babedi boo it all together? Nuhuh, I'm a thief not a wizard."

"You will repay me. Or I could easily report you to the police. I don't think your boss will be pleased with it," I say threatening her. She glares at me angrily.

"Fine. How will I repay you?"

"Oh, I've got a few ideas."


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