Chapter 6: Victim

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"So who should he be flirting with?" Haruhi asks in a flat tone. You look up at Kyoya. It can't be one of his clients that are already in love with him. The two of you went to the Host Club for help. They'll probably choose a victim.

"I don't think it would be smart for (Y/N) to know who. She could sabotage it," Kyoya said. Haruhi nodded in agreement. Honey-senpai was in deep thought while eating his strawberry cake. You rolled your eyes and walked towards the other side of the Music Room. The twins followed you to keep you company.

"Can you teach us those rope things at the cricus?" Hikaru asked in a childish manner. You smiled and nodded. Kaoru looked excited to learn that. He started asking all kinds of questions when all of a sudden Kyoya clapped in his hands.

"Then it has been decided," he said and walks towards his table. The Club is about to start. You're curious to know who it is. But you'll just have to sit back and watch.


Kyoya's POV

It was not easy. I had no idea how and where to start. The girl is certainly no fangirl of mine. In fact, I think she despises me. I look at her from across the room. She smiled as she gave Honey strawberry cake. (Y/N) smiled and turned on her heels. She was now walking my way. I needed to think of a plan.

I need to spark her interest in me. But I shouldn't be giving her too much attention because then she'll suspect I'm after her.

Hm. What to do?


My smile was somewhat fake. But I forced it on anyway. I could feel (Y/N) watching me from a distance. Mumei giggled and looked down to the ground. She used to have a crush on me. I knew since she confessed last year. It is cruel of me to do this, but I need (Y/N) to think that I'm working on out little game. So that I can flirt with her a little in the mean time. Mumei left shortly after and I walked towards (Y/N).

"She seems nice," she said with a grin. I look back towards the shy girl and saw that she did the same thing. A blush appeared on her cheeks so she quickly picked up her pace.

"She is," I state pushing the glasses up my nose. "Those things look heavy. Let me carry those." I said pointing to the books in her arms. (Y/N) frowns but before she could say anything, I was already carrying them.

"What a gentleman." (Y/N) walked ahead of me, leading us to the Music Room. On our way there, we bumped into Tamaki.

"Princess! Like always, you blind me with your beauty," he says kissing her hand. (Y/N) shakes her head chuckling. I considered doing the same thing as Tamaki. But that would've looked ridiculous. Besides, (Y/N) isn't swooning at all.

How am I going to get her to fall in love with me?

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