Chapter 7: Payback

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Kyoya has been acting very strange. He was being kind. If you didn't knew better you'd think you're the victim. But you do know better. Two can play that game. Now you just need to play hard to get.

You needed the right location and outfit. You don't know where Kyoya likes to hang out beside the Host Club so that'll do. You dressed in a white shirt that was very slightly see-through with a black top underneath. You also put on some jeans.

You couldn't go with Kyoya that would be a bit obvious so you waited for Haruhi after class. When Haruhi asked why she waited for her, you simply said that you wanted to get to know her better. Which wasn't completely a lie.

As we walked into the Music Room, you were relieved to find him already there. Firstly, Haruhi and you chatted with Mori and Honey who were- like always -eating cake. Then you suggested we played cards with the other boys. "I'm not really in the mood," Haruhi said, "but I'll come and watch." You were pleased to hear that she would still be your wingman. You chose your first combat partner with care. Hikaru would be perfect. At the circus, you played cards all the time. The game definitely served your purpose: you could draw attention to yourself easily since Kyoya was very interested in the game. Strategy is what Kyoya likes in games. So this was perfect. You watched him subtly while he was sitting on a chair next to Hikaru. He didn't show much interest since he probably thought I couldn't do it.

On the other hand, the twins were definitely paying attention to the both of you. Haruhi got slightly annoyed with Kaoru, though. Not long after, you won.

"Sorry, Hikaru. Better luck next time," you smiled sweetly at him. As the winner, you stayed in the game. This time, it was Kaoru's turn. He was much tougher and he didn't show much interest. As if you were easy. Seems like he was right because he defeated you quite quickly with a smirk. You sighed and stood up, walking towards Haruhi.

Has he even noticed me?


Kyoya's POV

I'm surprised, but in a good way. When she started playing with us, I was postive that she did that to get my attention. But now (Y/N) is on the other side of the room not even glancing my way. It was kind of frustrating, really.

I looked over at her. Maybe she didn't like me at all. Did that bother me? Maybe a little. But only because I need to win this.


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