Chapter 1: The Boy

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Kyoya's POV

I was walking behind the whole group. Honey, who was piggy back riding Mori, faced me with Usa-chan in his arm. He brings that damn stuffed animal everywhere. "Thanks for bringing us to the circus, Kyo-chan!" he exclaimed then giggled. The twins looked bored while walking behind Haruhi and Tamaki who were bickering. I waved Honey's thanks away with my hand. We walked by some artists doing trics on a rope. One girl caught my attention. She was standing next to another artist clapping her hands everytime they did a trick. The guy standing next to her ran upto the others on the rope. She then looked around in the crowd. We locked eyes. She smiled before disappearing in the crowd. I turned my attention back to the artists.

"Amazing what these commoners can do!" Tamaki exclaimed. Haruhi rolled her eyes at his comment, but didn't say anything. I pushed my glasses up my nose and scoffed. It didn't look easy, but not impossible. Anyone can do that with a little bit of practice. I looked around bored and again I saw the girl from before. She swayed her hips while pushing herself through the crowd. A smile was playing on her lips. My eyes wandered back to the other artists, distracting myself from the pretty girl.

Your POV

The sticky, sweating bodies were starting to irritate you. You had to work your way through the hoards of people while doing your job. The artists were doing a great job distracting the public. You worked fast. The performance was almost over. Your hands moved fast, in short movements. Some money from the man on the left, an necklace from the lady on your right. Never the big stuff. When you're done, my pockets were full. Not bad for a few minutes work. However, the whole time you could feel someone watching you. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a tall guy with black hair and glasses.

After a while, the guy turned back to the performance. You could see from his clothing that he's not from around here. Neither are the people in front of him. Two identical guys with strawberry blonde hair. A small boy with a cute fluffy bunny and some kind of slender bodyguard next to him. Then, a blonde guy who was trying to get the girl's attention. Although, the girl had normal clothes on compared to the others.

The guy who watched you earlier had a fancy watch on his wrist, you noticed. As your friends did one last trick on the rope, you walked past the group and slid the watch carefully from his wrist.

Like candy from a baby.

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