Authors Note: Cody’s point of view still.

“So then what do we have here? A little rescuer, Or have you come back to have some more fun with me boy?” The man sniggered, which made me cringe.

His eyes were piercing and bloodshot. I turned around to see the expression on Jake’s face, and he wasn’t there. The man came closer and closer to me, until he started to launch himself towards Jessica lying there limp, I quickly laid on top of her to protect her, not putting my weight on her, then the man suddenly fell over flat on his face, to reveal Jake standing behind him with the injections, he moved to reveal another body lying there unconscious, it was the other man. I couldn’t help but smile at Jake and laugh a little.

“Jake you are a legend!” I laughed getting up off Jessica, who laid there totally traumatised, I felt so sorry for her. She was so weak.

“I know mate, I’m awesome aren’t I!” Jake jokingly replied.

I ran up to Jake and gave him a man hug.

“We should start to carry Jessica to the car now” I suggested. Jake nodded in reply.

We carried her so that one of our arms were under her legs and the other supporting her back, we continued to walk to the car.

“Thanks” Jessica said with a weak dry voice.

I watched her as a tear fell down her face and landed on my bare chest.

“Jess, don’t cry you’re safe now” Jake reassured her.

We stopped in our steps as we heard the faint sound of police sirens getting closer. The car stopped near our car and an officer got out of the car and appeared to be talking to my mum, she pointed in our direction and the officer got back in his car and drove up to us.

He got out the car took Jessica out of our arms and placed her in the front seat.

“Alright boys get in the back and we’ll take you to the hospital with Jessica. By the way I’m the investigator of this case, my name is Officer Dennis.” He said in a friendly voice.

“Hi” we all chorused.

“We have some more police officers coming in 5 minutes to take the men to jail.” He stated to us.

I was sat behind Jessica, I leant forward and whispered, “Everything is going to be ok, I love you”

She turned her head, “ I love you too Cody” sending shivers down my spine.

*30 minutes later*

We arrived at the hospital as paramedics started running around, they placed Jessica in a wheelchair and we followed closely behind her as they entered the building.

They took us to a hospital room and they started to wire Jessica up to the machines, to monitor her heart rate and oxygen intake.

I walked up to the bed side. I grabbed Jess’s hand gently and started stroking her hand with my thumb, she smiled at me, and then cringed as they took a blood sample, squeezing my hand tightly.

“Jake, Cody. Alli and Angie are here” The friendly blonde nurse said as my mum and little sister walked through the door.

“Hey Codes, how’s Jessica doing?” Alli asked quietly

“I think she’s getting there, they’ve just taken her blood to check that they didn’t poison her or anything.” I replied.

“Ok Jessica, we’re going to put you on a drip, you’re dangerously dehydrated, which could cause you further damage.” The male doctor informed her.

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