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Cruel Summer, Jeremiah Fisher by luver_456
Cruel Summer, Jeremiah Fisherby E
"I love you." Ain't that the worst think you've ever heard? Jeremiah Fisher x OC Based on 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Series Credits to Jenny Han Season 1
CRUEL SUMMER, jeremiah fisher by maliasstories
CRUEL SUMMER, jeremiah fisherby ⚜️
Rosalie Baker spent her summers in Cousins Beach, alongside the Conklin and the Fisher family. This summer however changes everything for everyone, starting with her fri...
The Lies He Told by Queen_Of_Desires
The Lies He Toldby Lindsey Marie
After almost dying in a tragic car accident, Olivia is left with short-term memory loss and must readapt to life whilst feeling like a stranger in her own home. On the o...
you are half of me (and I am all for you) - larry stylinson by angelichl
you are half of me (and I am all larry stylinson <3
One Direction, an obscure indie rock band, is about to embark on their first cross-country tour, living out of Louis' beloved van named Patricia. Harry is in love, and L...
Sk8er Boi (Logan Reese) by -hxppygirlhxdley-
Sk8er Boi (Logan Reese)by 𝐇𝐚𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐲
Kelsey Rivera hates being a new student. She hates school. And most importantly, she hates people. Growing up, she had a terrible life. Her mother would force her to go...
Can't Get Enough [Wattpad Featured Story] by SummerSurfs
Can't Get Enough [Wattpad Summer
A surfing safari down the coast of California, a few shocking and rather unpleasant secrets, and four inevitable relationships that seem doomed to fail - this is where s...
love at first sight ~ by tomhollandfan1345
love at first sight ~by fan acc <3
Brinley Keller (brin for short) is Isabel's (belly) and Steven conklin's cousin. This year she was invited to go to cousins beach with the conklins and the fishers since...
Cutthroats of the Coast by wizzobravo
Cutthroats of the Coastby wizzobravo
Pirates! Rum! Pirates! More rum! Naked pirates! What would it be like to find yourself among the scurvy dogs of a dread pirate crew? Follow our hero in a rum soaked a...
Don't Forget About Me by malin87
Don't Forget About Meby Malin
This is the sequel to Princess and The Little Ones. Kate's been kidnapped for the last fourteen years. She's stuck on an Island and the Pack there thinks she's the kidna...
Hailee Steinfeld One Shots (FemxFem) by The_NJ_
Hailee Steinfeld One Shots ( The NJ
If you have a Wattpad account you already know what this is about lmao.
Crash by wheadee
Crashby 𝐖𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐧𝐞𝐲
He grew up on the rough streets of Harbor Bay, now forced to live in the wealthy town of Pacific Coast, can sixteen-year-old Cru Sommers survive the temptations of dange...
Hailee Steinfeld Imagines by Hailees_2nd_martini
Hailee Steinfeld Imaginesby Hailees_2nd_martini
Imagines about dating Hailee Steinfeld; These storys are mostly fluff, if not a triggerwarning will be in it. (Female reader only) *I do requests* Hope u enjoy!! xx
Summer of Firsts by sndumas1
Summer of Firstsby S.N.
Lies, half-truths, older brother's obnoxious friend who enjoys bullying people, and a family that tends to only believe whatever the eldest says... Paxton Reese C...
The Gallant South by GraceOddy319
The Gallant Southby GraceOddy319
Cora Heiler, the twenty-one year old daughter of a Pennsylvania millionaire moves to an Antebellum mansion in the southern city of Estelle. Once there, she meets Bettiro...
west coast ☆ joji miller by velvetbabe
west coast ☆ joji millerby 💌
❝ our eyes will disguise dirt on purpose ❞ or venus loves a murderer
addicted | JJ Maybank by soffiaaa1
addicted | JJ Maybankby soffiaaa1
I know what money is, but what is love? My parents don't live with me, my ex boyfriend gave me a drug addiction and it seems like everyone on the other side of the islan...
Abducted by 10mirrormask01
Abductedby Your Worst Nightmare
Shadow is a normal girl until a mysterious stranger abducts her to add to his collection. he is taking her far from EVERY THING she knows into a new world or shall i say...
Mall Rats by permanentlei
Mall Ratsby Leighann Darville (Eli)
Matthew hears the man's voice on the radio and knows he has to get to that boat. Months out in the wilderness and on the run, he's sure this is his only - and perhaps la...
Blood and Water by elyananoreme
Blood and Waterby Elyana Noreme
Private school freshman Robbie Pereira swore he'd return to Madison Washington over his dead body; as it turns out, any dead body will do. Reeling from his abrupt return...
The Devil's Triangle by iippvv
The Devil's Triangleby iippvv
Our narrator takes a journey to one of the most mysterious places on earth. Read to find out what happens next.