My Geeky Mate by Kazzalicious
My Geeky Mateby Kazzalicious
My name is Crystal Reyes, I'm 17 years old. A senior in High school and I am the IT girl of the scene at school. I stand at 5'4 I'm curvy long brown hair and green eyes...
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Gasoline // K&K. by _kjs_24
Gasoline // K& Kyra.
'How can the devil be pulling me towards someone who looks, so much like an angel when he smiles at you, maybe he knew that, when he saw me. I guess I just lost my bala...
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The Presidents Daughter by simpsonizer898
The Presidents Daughterby simpsonizer898
My parents died then, I became a orphan. Then, five years later, I became the presidents daughter.
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My Life, My Love, My Heart ♥♥  by nivi20997
My Life, My Love, My Heart ♥♥ by Nivedha
Highest ranking: #56 for #loganlerman (25th November 2018) Other best ranking: #72 (3rd October 2016) High school life can make you or break you. What did it do to Rache...
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Crossed Pathways (A Cody Simpson Fan Fiction) *Book One* by CodyAngeland_143
Crossed Pathways (A Cody Simpson Katherine 🙈
Some say that kindergarten friends are for life, others simply know their paths are going to take different turns, but there's this thing, no matter how many turns and t...
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Baby Señorita by sierraanwar
Baby Señoritaby bieberswarrior
"What's a King bed without a Queen."
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One Chance // SEQUEL TO HFS by britishtears
One Chance // SEQUEL TO HFSby britishtears
With Alyssa dating Calum Hood, the bassist of 5 Seconds of Summer, and Cody trying to figure out what to do next while ignoring his ex-girlfriend's feelings for her new...
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Celebrity Snapchats and More by CaitlinS444
Celebrity Snapchats and Moreby CaitlinS444
The snapchat usernames of celebrities that we love and the snapchats of the people you could potentially see celebrities in! Vote and Comment the Celebrities I don't pos...
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The Surf Rocker & The Punk Rocker  by Girlwhowrites920
The Surf Rocker & The Punk Rocker by Girlwhowrites920
Lyra is a former Cody Simpson fan who is now the screamer for the band Attack Of The Fallen. When she meets Cody, he takes an interest in her. Afraid of admitting her ge...
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