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The Presidents Daughter by simpsonizer898
The Presidents Daughterby simpsonizer898
My parents died then, I became a orphan. Then, five years later, I became the presidents daughter.
  • heartbreak
  • drama
  • relationships
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The Almost Kiss |Becstin| by 18IsALarrySong
The Almost Kiss |Becstin|by Grace.
He couldn't stop thinking about the almost kiss he had with her. neither could she.. will this ruin their friendship..!?! or bring it to the next level???? or will...
  • beckyandaustin
  • austinmahoneandbeckyg
  • beckygomez
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Who Might Be The One? (Cody Simpson) by QueenQuinne
Who Might Be The One? (Cody Q
Leah Marie Kennedy, a girl from the Philippines then eventually moved to Australia, her parents' hometown. She has never thought that her new friend and this oh so Mr. P...
  • teenage
  • lovestory
  • codysimpsonlovestory
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Kauai Girls ( ON HOLD ) by Anna_Pendery
Kauai Girls ( ON HOLD )by SurferGirl
What Will Happen when Anna fall's in love with her Boyfriend's Best Friend. Will she keep it a Secret or will she tell her boyfriend? Also what happen's when she and her...
  • chadwick
  • michaela
  • surf
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Little Bird: A Cody Simpson Love Story by Surrah93
Little Bird: A Cody Simpson Love Sarah
This Story has MATURE parts. Just a warning:P Enjoy! When 17 year-old Macy meets her idol, more than a fan to celebrity relationship is shared. Cody takes an interest in...
  • harrystyles
  • cody
  • simpson
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N.Y.C Here I Come (Cody Simpson) by SadieSueBooShy
N.Y.C Here I Come (Cody Simpson)by SadieSueBooShy
I'm a 16 year old girl and I'm on a trip to NYC with my school music department. I run into Cody Simpson and that's when it starts.
  • romance
  • nyc
  • friendship
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Forgotten ? by Wonderess24
Forgotten ?by Wonderess24
Have you ever wondered if you had a best friend for years then he/she moves ? Well this has to a perfect best friend relationship between Max and Becky. Then when a trag...
  • allisimpson
  • onedirection
  • 5sos
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Falling for the bad boy  by baby_suars
Falling for the bad boy by baby_suars
What happens when the quiet nerd goes to her 1st party and mets a few different people some nice and some not so nice but there she meets the bad boy of school when he o...
  • jaibrooks
  • camerondallas
  • jackgilinsky
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Far Away But Close Together by miaelisabeth
Far Away But Close Togetherby miaelisabeth
Meet Allison Jane Smit, or AJ. She moved to the Gold Coast when she was little after a tragic accident and became best friends with Cody Simpson and his family! After a...
  • romance
  • codysimpson
  • instagram
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Paradise - A Cody Simpson FanFiction by c0dysl0ll1p0p
Paradise - A Cody Simpson c0dysl0ll1p0p
  • simpson
  • codysimpsonfanfiction
  • cody
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My Angel (A Cody Simpson Fanfic) by daniellesimpson1306
My Angel (A Cody Simpson Fanfic)by daniellesimpson1306
A girl moves schools a lot because her dad works for the national secret service. Christine is forced to be a super nerd who joins every academic thing going to keep her...
  • codysimpsonfanfic
  • codysimpson
  • myangel
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Awkward Love Story by rapsnarry
Awkward Love Storyby Zakiah Alfi
Hi, I'm zakiah. This is my first time to posting mine, So I'm sorry if my story is really bad, but I try my best to make next story better. I really need your supp...
  • ashtonirwin
  • liampayne
  • lukehemmings
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Keeping Secrets by SophieYo
Keeping Secretsby Sophers
Haven Dillon, a normal 19 year old, falls in love, gets broken, gets lied to, tells lies, and has secrets. Haven had a bad past, and takes her past out on herself. Her o...
  • o2l
  • codysimpson
  • rickydillon
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The Borrower by RenFestLovrr
The Borrowerby Sabal Gallo Cloonan
Asia Matthews is a 17 year old barrower who lives in a garden off of Cody Simpson's mansion on a peaceful hill top in Japan. She tries not to be seen because as you know...
  • codysimpson
  • fanfic
  • humor
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" You Again " | Cody Simpson by BrunaSnp
" You Again " | Cody Simpsonby Bruna Snp
  • codysimpson
  • dream
  • impossible
Insane (A Cody Simpson FanFiction) (Book 2) by FallenInLove2013
Insane (A Cody Simpson FanFiction) FallenInLove2013
in.sane inˈsān/ adjective in a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.
  • codysimpson
  • mental
  • psychotic
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Be the One (A Cody Simpson Fan Fiction) by Ashleylovescody
Be the One (A Cody Simpson Fan Ashley <3
16 year old Ashley was planning on a normal day at school when her friend Nicole has other plans. She finds herself coming across a path she never new she'd find. Ashley...
  • simpson
  • cody
  • teen
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Children of the Ocean by gottaloveemily
Children of the Oceanby Emily
Just another angsty fan fic
  • codysimpson
  • exit
  • simpson
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Cody Simpson by emilee_89
Cody Simpsonby emilee_89
Cody Simpson
  • codysimpson