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   Kyle Hill went mentally insane that night, nothing to calm his boiling temper. Luka couldn't be awoken, she lay in the separate room, her ears and tails lay still... her short hair streaked with a light pink stain of blood. The rest of the world was quiet and peaceful but the commotion at the pack house stirred the silence.
   Owen, the Warlock stuck in consideration of what he should do, couldn't quite focus. His cousin Jax was out there somewhere, and he was feeding on their pain.
   They would free Luka's spirit and let her peaceful still body vanish from the world. Kyle's tears of sorrow and longing marked the place where she laid in the lush grass. Purple flowers, one of a kind. They only came in one color, and their beauty disguised their poison. Those purple flowers sprouted from the ground, a comfortable pillow for Luka to lay on. For the flowers could not harm her any longer.
   They placed a single red flower in her resting grasp. Soon to be revealed of who gave it to her that one hospital night. It was the man that showed up out of the blue.
   The man named Sam approached the girl, the friends and family were alarmed, not noticing who it was at first. He kissed her sweet forehead and said...

Lay peaceful in your flowerbed my dear Little Moon, your mother will greet you soon...

   That little red flower he granted her that time ago only marked how stunning her frightening red eyes could truly be. And the love she gave to anyone she crossed paths with.
   Luka's body now lay numb with no pain. The evil spirits not daring to touch the purple flowers protecting her. She soon disappeared and all left in that spot that Kyle's tears marked, was the patch of purple flowers.
   They all went inside, soon it was Kyle who was focused on, the pack waiting patiently beside him in his bedroom. Owen took one finger, glowing green mist, and placed it between Kyle's eyes, on his furry forehead. Any memories of his dear mate would be erased, from the very beginning.
   Kyle now shifted back to human form and took a silent, much needed nap. And all was forgotten, leaving an empty hole somewhere in his heart.

But not long after, he noticed that there was a missing piece to his puzzle.

A Flower Lost and Found is the next book if you want to know what happens next   ;)

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