The Mirror

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~next day

"Kyle, I have a question about the whole bite thing." I stated.
"Oh, u-um..." He looked scared, for me, "It's very painful to others.... That aren't werewolves. Especially from one of 'my kind'."
"Uh, okay..." I was kind of confused, I could tell he didn't want to talk about it though.
   I walked down to Panera and got lunch. There, I saw Nola again.
"Hey! Nola!" I said as I walked over to her, "how has it been?"
"Oh, it's okay I guess. Bruises still hurt a bit."
"Yeah, but did the bath help at all?"
"Oh yes, definitely." She pointed out. It kind of sounded sarcastic but I knew she was being serious.
   On the way home, I thought of the phone call with Garret... 'I will give you four days to work this out...' Well, that's half a day already gone. I don't really know what he needs either.
"Hey Luka!" Tommy said happily while I walked in the door.
"Hello Tommy." I said. I walked into Kyle's room.
"Hi..." Kyle said, he was doing something on his phone.
"I think... I should go home. To my house..." He gave me a confused look.
"Why?" He questioned.
"Well I have been gone for a while and I'm tired of sleeping on Alyssa's sleeping bag."
"You don't... have to." He said.
"What do you mean?"
"You can sleep in my room if you want." He looked back at his phone. He was texting someone. And then he shut it off.
"Where would you sleep?"
"I can sleep on the sofa." He got up and walked towards me.
"Is that even comfortable?"
"Sort of..." He wrapped his arms around me.
"Hey..." I said playfully. The next thing you know, I felt like I was floating, everything around me felt as if it wasn't there. It was like a dream on a whole new level, "Kyle..."
"I love you. It's a love that was 'meant to be.'" I wanted to laugh, but I felt so relaxed, leaning on his chest.

*Kyle's POV*

   All I could think of that night on the couch, was how soft her kiss was, and that one kiss made my heart warm... We had never kissed before. It felt like forty minutes of sleep before I woke up. Great, I could tell that Luka wasn't in the room. Then I heard something fall off the counter in my bathroom.
"Luka?" I got up and opened the door slowly. She was standing there, fresh out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her body. Now I understood why she dropped the bottle.

*Luka's POV*

   A cold breeze swept over me as Kyle opened the bathroom door. The appearance in the mirror sent chills down my back. I had soft white ears and multiple flowing tails. It didn't seem normal. I could feel parts of me that weren't there before. It looked majestic in a way like it wasn't even me in the mirror.
How did this happen? Why now? Also, why didn't I fully transform? Question after question kept popping up. But I didn't ask, I stood there, looking at the mirror.
"Um— Luka?" Kyle hesitated.
"Why.... didn't I fully transform?"
"It's normal, fully shifting into your creature of type is usually only in urgent situations." We both kept staring.
"So, you do this too?" I said after a long pause.


"Breakfast everyone!" Mrs. Hill yelled upstairs. Tommy and Aleah were down there in a flash. We didn't know what to do. I couldn't go downstairs looking like this, could I?
"How do I shift back?" I asked loudly.
"Well how did you even shift in the first place?" Kyle said.
"I don't know! I woke up and took a shower, then I looked in the mirror." Then I looked at him and he looked at me.
   After what felt like ages, I transformed back and we walked downstairs.
"Finally!" Aleah said rolling her eyes.
"Yeah, What were you guys doing?" Tommy asked stuffing his face with biscuits.
"She wouldn't get out of bed!" Kyle blurted out. When we finished breakfast we headed back upstairs.
"What were you really doing?" Kieth asked walking through the doorway.
"Okay, uh—" Kyle started.
"I somehow managed to shift." I said. Kieth's expression went from suspicious to surprised. Kieth wanted to see me do it so I tried to do it again. It was no problem. I wanted to know what I looked like in my true form but I knew it would take a lot more effort.
   Mr. Hill and Mrs. Hill went to get groceries so I decided to sneak outside with Kyle and Kieth. Kyle suggested he do it with me so, why not? When I tried to shift into my true form it took longer than it had earlier. Finally, I morphed into a fox. I looked over at Kyle and he was a wolf. It still felt a little strange having nine tails and two ears. Then, we all heard the porch door creak shut.
"Did someone leave the door open on the way out?" Kieth asked. But we knew it had been someone else who closed it.
"Tommy is that you?" He asked. Then, Tommy peaked his head out. He had his ears and tail showing. I have never seen Tommy like that.
"Tommy! Get back inside!" Kieth demanded. But he was too late, Tommy was fascinated with my fox.
"Your fur is so cuddly!" He said, touching it softly. Kyle transformed back.
"I'm guessing Alyssa and Aleah are also waiting at the door?" He stated blandly. He opened the door and Aleah fell over but Alyssa tried to sneak away.
   The parents got home later on and I decided to go back home.
"Don't leave please..." Kyle pleaded
"I need to see my family, did you forget what happened to Anthony?" He lowered his head.
"Well, I guess I will see you back at the gallery?"
"Yeah, I guess." Kyle drove me home and we said goodbye.
   I walked up the driveway to my house and I noticed none of the lights were on, it was only dinner time.
"Mom?" I said walking into the house, "Dad?— Kassy?"
"Luka! You're home!" Kassy came walking out of her room.
"Why are all of the lights off?" I asked trying to turn them on.
"Oh there is a fallen tree down the street, it knocked out the majority of the power in the neighborhood." She said.
"Oh... ok. Where is mom and dad?"
"They are out shopping for groceries and flowers." We walked upstairs to the Bonus room. Instead of watching television, since the power was out, we played a game of checkers.

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