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*Luka's POV*

I drove to the pack hideout to just simply spend time with Kyle, but I found many cars in the driveway. Was he having a party or something? I knocked on the door and a boy around Kyle's age answered the door. I thought I had seen him before.
"Hello! Are you Luka?" He smiled.
"Yes, do you mind if I ask where Kyle is?"
"Oh he is in the living room."
"Thanks." I walked into the living room and Kyle turned to face me.
"Hi, what are you doing here?" He grinned.
"I uh, just wanted to hang out. What's going on?"
"This is the pack." He looked around. The boy who opened the door approached us.
"So, your Luna is quite a cutie." The boy teased.
"What is your name?" I asked him.
"I'm Zander, Kyle's beta." He took pride in that title.
A small girl came over and hugged me.
"Oh?" I was startled.
"Hi! I'm Izzy!" She gave me a sweet smile.
"Uhm... Hi."
"Alpha, is this Luka?" The girl's mom walked over and picked up Izzy.
Alpha? If anyone was alpha, I'm sure it would be Kyle's dad or grandfather. But I didn't know he took such a special role.
"Yes this is Luka, she is our Luna." Kyle said.
"Is she marked?" The mother asked. Kyle lowered his eyes to his shoes.
"N-No, not yet." Was it a bad thing to not be marked yet?
To be honest, I was kind of scared to be marked. I read about it in a book on werewolves, it sounded much more painful than the waves of pain.
After a couple of hours, I had met almost the whole pack. This was a big deal, could I handle being Luna? I didn't even know much about it.

~next week

Classes had been rough that week, I had a lot of homework and group projects. It was hard being a sophomore in college. The year was almost over and I couldn't wait for a break.
Some of my human friends would ask me about my eyes, yes... they were still red. I wasn't too worried about them, unless more people noticed something was completely wrong.
Enough about school, it was a stress anyway. The next full moon neared, and I still hadn't been marked. Should I take the pain every full moon? Or should I take a lot of pain all at once, and never have to do it again? I thought.
I got in my car to drive home and caught a glimpse of Austin. No, could it be Austin? He was locked away in a vault, right? He neared my car. I wasn't having that, I started the engine and my gas was low. Crap. Not now.
"Hey." He knocked on the window.
I glared my eyes at him. He seemed to notice they were red.
"Holy— Wait... you're not a vampire." He backed up. I got out of the car.
"Leave me and all of my friends alone. How did you escape?"
"You see, it's not that hard. I just called Owen's cousin in to get me out. He is also a Warlock, you know?" He got closer.
"I said, leave me and my friends alone." I growled. Some people were watching.
"You're not getting away that easy." He reached for me, I caught his hand.
"Do you want to see, the practically possessed half of me? You know that exists right?" My eyes staring into his soul.
I released his hand, and calmed myself. All I had to do, was stop time, just like I did when I almost lost Kyle. I motioned my hand and instead of stopping time to 'deal' with him, I gave him the visions and memories of Kieth, who watched that whole incident. I didn't know I could do that, was I more powerful than Owen? I didn't want to find that out, it could cause more trouble.
He staggered backwards, he shook his head and opened his eyes. He looked almost dizzy.
"What the ****" He stood straight, "How can you do that? That's a Warlock thing. And what happened?" He started mumbling to himself.
"What? Did you really think I'm just a werewolf?"
"No, but that's just another reason to capture you." His confused face turned to an evil smirk.
Before anyone could see him shift, I stopped the time, so no innocent human could see that happen. Everything around us was frozen.
He shifted into his wolf form and his green eye shined. He shot green flames and countless amounts of different spells at me. I wasn't going to have it. I shifted into my fox form, feeling more powerful already. I looked at my paws, they were still black.

*Kyle's POV*

I drove by Luka's college to see if she wanted to go get coffee with me, but I noticed that something was wrong. Seriously? Another situation? I saw all the frozen people and then saw Austin. But there were too many trees and bushes. I pulled into the parking lot and Austin was gone, Luka seemed normal.
"What was that about?" I asked concerned, approaching her.
"What was what about?" She had an angry tone.
"What's wrong? And I just saw Austin, is he still here?"
"Austin? No..." She looked disgusted. What was wrong with her?
I took her to the coffee shop, considering that maybe I just saw nothing. I hoped that the coffee would cheer her up but it didn't really make anything better.
One thing I noticed though, her eyes were not red anymore, they were back to normal.
"Hey, your eyes. They are normal again." I pointed out.
"Huh? Oh, yeah. They were back to normal this morning." Something told me that she was lying. I knew something was wrong.

~that evening

Her attitude kept getting worse, I could tell that this wasn't normal. I decided to bring Owen over to check her.
"Seems like there is magic altering her brain." He concluded.
"I knew it, I knew I saw Austin."
"W-What?" Owen's face was pale.
"Yeah, I saw Austin when I pulled into the college parking lot today with Luka."
"Oh no... it's him."
"Who?" I asked eagerly.
"My cousin Jax, he is also a Warlock."

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