Her Haven

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There we were... laying in the Wolfsbane meadow. We suffered together, but as we held each other, the pain drowned. He was my haven, and somewhere in my heart I'd known that all along, it just hadn't surfaced. We looked at each other, eye to eye. His gray eyes were like deep pools, but they were warming. I ruffled his dark brown waves. It was light but lovingly.
"Kyle..." I whispered.
"I love you." His eyes softened. I knew he had too.
"I love you too, Luka." He said, the light breeze catching it. I closed my eyes, my body starting to become numb. But I didn't care, Kyle was my strength and bravery. I worried if I had fallen asleep in the meadow of poison, that I wouldn't wake up.
"Look at me Luka, don't go." I opened my eyes, my eyelids were heavy. I wanted to fall asleep in his arms.
"Kyle, I'm so tired..."
"I know Luka, but I need you to stay."
"I will stay, and even if I do go, you'll still be there with me."
The sun was dimming.... my eyes longed for sleep. But I needed to stay with Kyle. I wanted to.
I heard running in the distance, it was from up above. Then, I heard calling, but I was so exhausted and weak I couldn't look over or even make out what they were saying.
"You hear that too?" Kyle asked me quietly.
"Yeah..." I tried to lift my head to see who it was. But my eyes slowly closed on their own.
"Don't leave me Luka..." He was drifting away also, I could hear it in his voice. Then, there was silence.

*Owen's POV*

"I wonder where has he gone..." I said. I've been calling for him for an hour now... I saw a ledge, I walked closer. I stepped on something and it brushed my leg. Huh? I kept walking towards the ledge, each step with my right leg getting heavier and heavier. Then I fell, my leg was swelling. But I don't see any poison ivy?
"Kyle?" I called, "Kyle? You over there?" I crawled towards the edge of the cliff and peered down. I saw him, he was with the girl. They looked fast asleep on the forest floor. But I had a bad feeling they weren't sleeping.
I slid down and walked over to them. I realized that I was surrounded by many of the same flower I had stepped on earlier. Oh no... this is not good. For all I know they could be dead by now, and I might as well if I don't get away soon enough. I tried shaking them to wake them up, but I couldn't, I couldn't help them in the condition I'm in. So, I walked back, or rather crawled back. To the scene where the girl, Luka's, brother used to be. The doctor sat me in the back of the ambulance.
"They are not too far," I said to my men, "they are just off the cliff laying in a flower bed." They started walking off...
"Wait! The flower bed is Wolfsbane, you need protection or you'll end up like me. Or maybe even them." They nodded and put on suits. They started walking off into the forest.
About two hours later, they came back. Blake was carrying Luka, Peter was carrying Kyle. But, it seems that one of my crew members, Freddy, had passed out. So, Grant was holding him over his shoulder. Kyle and Luka hadn't been taken to the hospital like me, instead they had been taken to their hideout. Where their doctor was, professional with Wolfsbane. I tried to cure myself with my magic, but the poison had effected my magic, too. I decided to just go with the doctor to the hospital.

*Tommy's POV*

I was sitting watching television in the pack house living room, when Kieth got a call.
"I'll be there immediately." He said in an urgent tone.
"What is it Kieth?" I was the youngest in my family and pack, he'd probably not tell me.
"Uh... it's..."
"Please tell me, I know it's not good."
[sigh] "Fine." He looked up, "Anthony and Luka were shot, Luka took off, fell in a meadow of Wolfsbane. And Kyle came after her and found that the Wolfsbane had drained him too much so he passed out next to her. So I need to go NOW."
"Can I come please?" That was a lot to take in in just two sentences, I needed to come comfort my brother and Luka. And Anthony, if he had survived, which it sounds like he didn't.
"Just stay in the car then." And so we took off, Kieth going over the speed limit by way too much. When we got there I stayed in the car as Kieth had asked me. I saw a large bag, and Kyle with Luka on stretchers. I was tempted, so I got out of the car.
"Tommy, I said to stay in the car!" Kieth barked. At that moment I saw Anthony laying on the ground in the bag. It looked like he had seen Medusa. I turned around immediately and walked back to the car. And when I got in all I could do was cry.
"Hey, ginger-head, I told you to stay in the car."
"You're not making anything better, Kieth." I sniffled. He wrapped his arm around me.
"It's ok..."

~next day *Luka's POV*

I woke up to the sight of a white ceiling. Where am I? I looked around, I noticed it was Kyle's bedroom in the hideout house. I tried to move but all I felt was excruciating pain.
"Kyle?" I tilted my head towards the window and I saw him sleeping on the couch... I hope he was sleeping at least. I looked to my right, the clock on the nightstand read 10:02.
"Anyone?" I sighed. I relaxed, looked up at the crown molding on the ceiling. I hope he is ok.
"Luka! You're awake! Alyssa came running in, Aleah at her side, smiling.
"Hi girls..." I said.
"You look so tired... maybe you should rest." Aleah said.
"Aleah, she just woke up, okay?" Alyssa said.
"You're fine." I coughed.
"But you aren't, Luka." I knew that, I couldn't move. I didn't want them to worry about me more, so I didn't tell them that I was practically paralyzed.
"W-" I hesitated and thought about Anthony, "where is Anthony?" It hurt to say his name, as I already knew the answer.
"Oh, Luka..." the two sisters looked at each other, " we were hoping you wouldn't ask right now, but..."
"He's gone...." I sniffled.
"Luka... reality hurts, I know." Aleah said.
"He was shot in the chest, that vampire hit the bullseyes..." I thought about the other man when Alyssa said that. Witch and vampire, but it wasn't the same man as the murderer of my brother.
"Speaking of which, you were shot also. So you need to rest." Suddenly, I burst into tears, why did he have to die? Why Anthony? The sweetest teenage boy I've ever known. He's family...
   Kyle woke up, he looked tired and stressed.
"Where am I?" He asked. Tommy walked in. Then, Kieth walked in.
"Hey bro..." Kieth said, patting Kyle's shoulder.
"I'm in pain..." Kyle said, I was half asleep yet, I could still tell that he was fighting back tears. He looked at Tommy, "Tommy, look at me."
"What?" He said, he didn't look at Kyle.
"I want you to know that I'm ok, I'm right here."
"I know... b-but I'm scared." Tommy whimpered. Tears were rolling down his cheeks now.
"It's ok." Kyle took Tommy's hand to comfort him.
"No, it's not... You and Luka are hurt. And my best friend is dead." He cried softly and silently.
I went back to sleep, I didn't want to listen to him cry, it would only make me cry too.

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