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Luka started to avoid me and whenever I tried to talk to her she would scowl and walk away. What I was really worried about was Jax.
"Alpha! Someone is at the door for you!" Zander rushed into the room.
"Okay, thanks Zander. I'll be right there." I left the sofa and I sensed presence of no good as I walked towards the door.
"Hello there, Kyle." Austin chuckled.
"What is your reason to be here?" I gave him a look.
"I am here to challenge you, as Alpha, that is." He let himself in.
"I didn't say you could come in." Some of my pack members looked confused.
"Hello everyone! I am Austin. And I am here.... to challenge your Alpha." He turned to face me.
Many of the children were scared. They knew what he was. With his power, he could overthrow me easily.
   Outside we went, and Austin took off his jacket. The adults took the kids to a different part of the house. Zander stood nearby, his expression didn't show that he was frightened, but you could sense his fear.

~hours later

"Where's the Luna?" Austin asked.
"I-I don't know." Zander stuttered.
"Oh and Zander, you're no longer Beta..." With that, Austin left to go find Luka.
His magic had weakened me and I couldn't fight my best battle. How could I let my pack down? I laid on the grass, wet from blood, I didn't want to move. Luka still had a spell on her and I couldn't help but feel sad and weak without her. What if Austin would take her? I couldn't let that happen. I tried to get up and Zander kneeled next to me. But, he didn't help me up.
"I'm so sorry Kyle...." He croaked.
"Why are you sorry? I was weak."
"No, it's not that— it's just, Alpha's orders." He stood up.
"Huh?" And everything blurred into the empty night sky above.

*Tommy's POV*

I came downstairs to the whole pack chattering. I had slept in till eleven o'clock. That wasn't very common of me to do.
"Oh, T-Tommy..." Izzy, the little girl, said.
"What?" I questioned her.
"It's Kyle—"
"Ah, hello. You must be Kyle's brother, eh?" A man with two different eyes said. I backed away, "What's wrong?" He smiled.
"Y-You're..." He was different, he was definitely a hybrid. But something was off, he had a bad vibe to him.
"I'm what? Oh! Yes, I am your new Alpha." He said. I couldn't believe him.
"What? Where is Kyle?" I searched frantically.
"Zander, you're back. Did you do what I asked?" Austin said.
"Y-Yes sir..." He looked terrible, his eyes droopy and his hands— his hands were covered in blood.
"Zander! Where is Kyle?! Is he okay?" I rushed to him. He looked at me, Kyle was hurt.
"Hey, how about you go wash up, Zander. I have a guest coming soon."
I ran out the back door of the pack house, I tried to follow my brother's scent. But it led to nothing. I kept searching and I soon found drips of crimson blood. I looked up into the trees above me and saw someone on a branch.
"Hello?" I said. I climbed up the tree and Kyle was laying there, limp and covered in blood.
"Kyle?! What are you doing up here? Are you okay?"
"Tommy?" He said softly, "Tommy get out of here. Go find Luka."
"But you're hurt! What did they do to you?" I sat next to him on the branch.
"Austin challenged me for Alpha, the hybrid man. And he ordered Zander to finish me off, but luckily he didn't."
"What? That weird guy with two different eyes?"
"Yeah... I climbed my way up here so if anyone tried to come searching for me, hopefully they wouldn't see me."
"Does this mean that... that you're the Omega now?" I looked down at the grass below.
"I'm sorry Tommy." He coughed.
"You will get him back, right?" I asked.
"I'll try, but right now I need you to find Luka and warn her. If you can manage to find the Warlock named Owen, warn him too."
"Okay." I jumped down from the tree and immediately checked Kyle's room first.
There was no sign or smell of her being in the pack house at all, but I needed to find her. I ran to her house and rang the doorbell where Kieth answered the door.
"Kieth? What are you doing here?" I asked.
"I'm here with Kassy, Luka and Owen. What's wrong?" He put his hand on my shoulder.
"It's Kyle, he's the Omega. Some freaky hybrid dude overthrew him. Where is Luka?"
"Wait you mean Austin?!" Kieth jumped.
"Yes and I need Luka! Right. Now." I walked through the doorway and started up the stairs.
"Wait— Tommy, she isn't okay. She has a spell on her, whatever you do... don't make her mad."
"Okay." And I entered the bonus room upstairs.
Luka's hands and feet were tied together and she was sitting in a chair. A witch, no, a Warlock, was sitting next to her and checking her eyes.
"What's wrong with her?" I asked, slowly stepping towards her.
"She had magic casted on her, you need to be careful."
"Are you Owen?" He looked away from Luka.
"Yes, why?"
"It's Kyle, he is hurt and the hybrid man took over the pack. He is looking for Luka."
"What? So... he wasn't kidding..." He got up and exited the room.
"Luka? Are you okay? Can you hear me?" She looked at me with a cold stare.
"I'm fine, what do you mean? Why are all of you so worried about me? And why the heck am I tied up?"
"I don't know, but, do you remember Kyle?"
"That bastard, of course I do." I could see the ropes around her wrists start to rip.
"Calm down, I just... uhm..." I said, but she suddenly snapped the ropes and stood up.
"Where is Kyle? And where is Austin?" She demanded.

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