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~ night

I crashed onto my messy bed, it felt so refreshing to sleep in my own room once again. I could fall asleep right there, shoes on, purse on, no shower. I was so exhausted. Although, I partially wished that I had stayed at Kyle's house.
"Goodnight sweet." My mom whispered.
"Goodnight." I said. I decided just to get into my pajamas, it wouldn't hurt to take a shower in the morning.


I took a shower and went to the hair salon to fix my hair, if it was going to be short, it needed to be tidy. When I entered the salon, I mistook the lady at the counter as Paige. I soon realized the lady had looked nothing like her.
"Hello? Are you ok?" She asked waving her hand.
"Oh I'm sorry, I need to fix my hair up."
"Ah, most definitely. Your name please?"
"Luka" I said as she wrote my name down.
I walked out of the salon and in a parked car, there was a man... Oh no! It's Garret! But, then again, they hadn't looked anything like Garret. What was wrong with me?
Here and there on my way home, I would mistake someone for Paige, Garret, and Sam... I was losing my mind. I stopped the car and called Kyle.
"Hey." Kyle answered the phone.
"Please help me..." I was out of breath, for absolutely no reason at all. I started feeling light headed.
"Why what's wrong?"
"I can't s-see clearly or... or anything." I was clutching my phone to my ear so hard I couldn't control myself.
"What? Is anything blurry?" He asked concerned.
"N-no, I just see Garret, I see him everywhere. I see Paige and Sam too. I can't stop mistaking people f-for them."
"Okay well can you stop where you are? I'll come get you."
"Stay on the phone— please."
"Okay, I'm on my way."

*Kyle's POV*

I assumed she was somewhere on lemongrass street. That was the way to the hair salon. I didn't see her anywhere for about ten minutes. Then, I noticed her parents' car. I pulled over and got out of the car.
"Luka? Luka open the door please?" She was frozen, her eyes were closed and her face was facing the road. She still had the phone in her hand.
"Luka? Open the door, I'm going to get you home." I knocked on the window and suddenly her eyes opened. Her eyes weren't normal though... they are a silvery ice blue. But her eyes were filled black instead.
"Luka?" She jumped out of the car and walked towards me, I could see she was going to turn into her fox— in public. With humans.
"Shhh..." I tried to calm her down. She was shaking frantically.
"K-Kyle..." She tried to speak.
"What is it?" I was frightened, she still looked possessed.
"I-I saw..." Her lip started twitching.
"What is it Luka?!"
"I saw..." She choked, "I saw Anthony..." She couldn't stop shaking.
"It's okay, remember you thought you saw Paige earlier? It's the same thing. Just calm down..." I hugged her, still trying to comfort her. I looked down at her eyes, they were back to normal, but she wouldn't blink. I looked over to where she was facing. I gasped.
   Anthony was standing there in the other side of the road, cars coming and going by him like he wasn't standing in the middle of traffic.
"A-Anthony..." Luka stumbled, she wanted to go to him.
"Shhh" I held her back.
"I want Anthony!" She was angry now. Her fox was coming out. I could feel her digging her nails into my arms as she tried to escape my hold.
"It's not Anthony!" If I let her go, she would get hit by the speeding cars. She started screaming and kicking. She was bawling her eyes out.
"Luka please listen to me! It's not Anthony!" I grabbed her wrists firmly. She then whipped around, she was in full form.
"L-Luka..." I was the shaking one now. She was baring her teeth at me, slowly walking towards me. I was the prey, she was the predator. I looked over to where Anthony had been standing, and it looked like he was glitching. Like he was on a computer screen. Except, every time he glitched, he was in a different place, getting closer and closer to us.
   I heard something in the dense forest behind us. It was getting louder, closer. Then I saw Kieth's wolf jump out of the brush. He pinned Luka to the ground. She immediately stopped. She was back to human form, but knocked out.
"Where's that ******* *** ** * *****?!" He looked around for Anthony. He was gone. I got up and dusted myself off. Luka started coughing and crying.
"It's okay, it's over now." I looked at her, her eyes were filled with fear.
"N-Not gone... N-Not g-gone..." She pointed back in the direction of the road.
"What? Not gone? Who? Anthony?"
"He's here..." she tugged on my arm looking around like a terrified child. Me and Kieth looked back at the road. We could feel him there. But not physically.
   Suddenly, there were multiple Anthonys surrounding us, all glitching and laughing. Their eyes were filled black. Then they disappeared for a quick moment. And one appeared again, in the middle of the road. Traffic had stopped. When had it stopped? The street lights started flickering.
"Holy—" Kieth started and then Anthony was in front of Kieth, holding him up by his neck. I saw his extremely long, sharp, nails dig into his throat.
"No!" I barked. I charged at him.
   He gave me a wide grin, his teeth were sharp and yellow. His black eyes peered into my soul. Everything had played slow motion in my head. I was leaping at Anthony, my brother dangling from his grip.

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