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~next day

"Hey Kyle! Are you feeling better?"
"Oh, hi Luka! Yes, I'm feeling great, thanks."
Should I tell him about the whole situation with the man named Sam?
"Hey, some guy came in yesterday."
"Yeah? Did you know who he was?"
"His name was Sam, he kept talking about my memory being erased. When I was 6! I mean, who is he?" Kyle just looked at his hands, like he knows him or something...
"Kyle? Are you ok?"
"Yeah, just stay away from him."
"Why?...." Kyle's response was questionable... what did he mean?
The rest of the day was pretty quiet.
"Goodness, I should've walked home earlier, the woods get so dark and creepy at night."
Man I should've came home earlier, I repeated in my head... [rustle]
Huh? I wonder what that was, probably just a bunny or a bird. [rustle] Who is there? A dark gray wolf came out... it had scars on its left eye, is almost reminded me of—
"Hello, Nina." It's speaking! What the heck?!
"Don't be afraid." He shape shifted into a human form...
"U-Uncle... Garret...?"
"Ah, I see. You do have some memories left in you..."
"Wait, stay away. You are not Garret! You are some crazy imposter wolf guy!" I sound ridiculous...
"Hehehe.... Let me take you somewhere..."
[growl] Ahhhh!!! Oh my gosh! Another huge wolf just jumped out! It looks like it is going to attack! This wolf was so much bigger, it was a dark tan... it's eyes a gray-blue. Like Kyle.
"You wanna play?" Uncle Garret shape shifted again. It looks as if the huge wolf was protecting me, should I run?
"Stay away from her..." Ok now, that was definitely the wolf speaking, or rather, Kyle speaking...
"Huh? Stay away? I'm just her uncle... [chuckle]" They both pounced at each other, tearing at each other's fur. Blood shed and Uncle Garret was pinned to the ground. Suddenly the tides turned, they fought and fought. Should I run? I keep standing here watching but I want to run! Uncle Garret had knocked the other wolf unconscious, he turned and started walking towards me. Everything is black. Where am I? What happened? Light poured into my eyes... huh? Am I at a hospital? What is wrong? Who is that? Someone is laying in a hospital bed across the room... then I realized... Kyle?!
"Kyle?!" I'm panicking and I can't control my breath. "Kyle! Wake up! Are you ok?!"
He has bloody bandages all down his arms and he has a large scar on his forehead. I turned to look around. There are flowers everywhere! What could've possibly happened to me and him? Then I remembered the attack...

~next day

"Luka... are you ok?" Kyle's voice is shaky...
"Kyle! You're awake!"
"Are you ok?"
"Oh, yes... how about you, you are all beat up."
"It wears off."
"Were you the other wolf?" He's sitting there hesitating at my question.
"Y-Yeah..." a single tear roll down his cheek.
"Why didn't you tell me?! What are you?! This is crazy!"
"Because it could have put you and me in danger."
"I'm... I'm so confused."
"It makes sense that you are..." He is looking at me strange... "Luka..."
"What is it?"
"Who gave you that red flower?"
"How am I supposed to know? It doesn't have a name on it."
"Hmm... ok..." we just sat there and talked for a little while.

~two days later

"When are we released?"
"Huh? Oh! In about another two or three days!" The nurse picked up her clipboard. "You also have some visitors today."
Kyle and the nurse are talking, I can't wake up. I'm so exhausted... I'm going to sleep until she wakes me up for breakfast.
"You are going to have breakfast early since they are coming in at 10 o'clock." Seriously? Early breakfast? I won't get to sleep in!
"Wash up Luka! You have visitors!"
   Later, Kyle's family came in to visit. They were so worried about him. They also checked up on me to see if I was alright.
"Breakfast time!" I'm literally dying to eat right now! She set the plate on my nightstand. [munch]
   My family came in after breakfast, it was good to see them. I wonder if they know about Kyle? Probably not since I was the only one to see the whole thing happen.

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