Her...... Wolf?

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   'I love you' the words ran through my mind over and over, I loved Kyle and Kyle loved me. It was like a painful yet wonderful dream. I wanted the pain to go away, but never the happiness in our hearts together. I looked across the room, I was able to sit up again.
"Kyle?" I asked. After his conversation with Tommy, I hadn't seen him awake all day.
"All I want to do is hold you..." I said. It was true, all I wanted right now was to be in his arms. I laid back down, I gazed at the ceiling.
"Me too." He responded after. I sat up and saw that he was too. I tried to stand up, but my knees were unstable. I hobbled over to the couch and sat with him. We hugged, and we didn't let go.
"This is all I want right now." He said.


"Luka," Mrs. Hill walked in, "You have surgery on your shoulder later." I had forgotten that I was shot. I could walk now, it was hard though. I walked down to the kitchen and there was some pizza in the fridge. I waited for the microwave to tick, telling me that my pizza was ready.
"Aww, you got yourself pizza? But not for me?" Kyle asked teasingly.
"What-ever." I giggled. I sat down at the island and Kyle came over and sat next to me.
"What do we do about you?"
"We?" I asked.
"Yeah, it seems you are a.... rare creature.... with no protection, that's not good." He said.
"Well, I thought even if I was only part werewolf that I would soon become part of your pack one day. But I guess I'm not." I said.
"Why is that?" He asked.
"You're not the only one with 'strange' feelings... mate." As I said that, his tan skin turned bright red.
"Uh... hehe..." Kyle smiled.
   I finished my pizza and cleaned up, then I remembered the blood test. What am I? I walked into the bedroom and flopped down onto the bed.
"What are you doing?" Kyle said, walking in.
"Um, laying on the bed?" I asked like it was totally obvious, which, it was.
"Well, duh." He replied. He sat down next to me. He hesitated then said, " You're quite a strange creature, you know?"
"Well, most people's fur is the color of their hair. Tommy's is red, Aleah's is black. Kind of...  Alyssa's is brown, Kieth's is slightly darker tan than my fur."
"Oh, so I guess you're not THAT identical. But, your hair isn't tan, it's dark brown."
"Well, yeah, sometimes it's a little different."
"Ok, well what is so wrong with me then?"
"You didn't notice when you shifted?" I shook my head no. He sighed, " Your hair is a dirty blond, kind of chestnut. But your... creature's... fur is pure white, a little transparent. It looks more like soft diamonds."
"Oh, well thank you for that specific explanation." I said. He looked at me.
"Can you do it again?"
"Do what?" I asked.
"Change into your creature?" I almost shivered at the thought.
"Ok?" I replied nervously. I stood up, I thought of my anger and sadness. All the mixed emotions that had caused me to shift unknowingly. But it didn't happen.
  Why didn't anything happen? It happened before...
"Luka? Is everything ok?" He looked down at me sitting on the ground. I had just realized I zoned out.
"It's not working..." I said, "I don't know how to shift."
"Well we don't even know what you are and visualizing is part of the transformation.
"Well, I'm not a werewolf... right?"
"Definitely not."
"Maybe I should rest, I have my surgery in about two hours."
"Yeah, that's a good idea."

~later *Kyle's POV*

   I stayed in the bedroom, all I did was worry about how it would go. I decided to take my mind off things, so I called my best friend and pack Beta, Zander.
"Hey dude, what's up?" I heard Zander's voice over the phone.
"Eh, Luka's in surgery, getting the bullet removed from her shoulder."
"Oh, so uh... what did you call me for? Just a chat?"
"Yeah, I need to get my mind off things."
"Okay okay, wait. Don't you think it's a coincidence that your Luna's name is Luka? It almost sounds the same!" He laughed over the phone.
"I get it, but it's only making me worry about her more."
"Okay, sorry dude."
We talked and talked over the phone for hours, until finally the doorbell rang.
   I walked over to get the door. Great. Kassy. Just what I need right now. She walked in, she almost looked angry.
"I can't believe you!" She shot a look at me.
"I don't know what you are mad about but please don't yell." I said calmly. She took a deep breath.
"You're a werewolf, I don't believe it. I went home with my friend for ONE night, and disaster struck."
"I was cleaning up the shop when I heard the gun, but I promise you I did everything I could to help your sister and brother." I sighed, " I was too late to help your brother..." My eyes started to water, but I couldn't look weak in front of Kassy.
"I... [sigh]" she sat down on the sofa in front of the television. I hugged her, I knew she was in the same pain as Luka.
"I'm sorry." I said.
"No— [sniff] it's not your fault." She cried. I wanted to cry too.


"Alrighty, lookin' good!" My pack house doctor walked out of the room.
"Is the surgery done?" I tried not to move Luka's sleeping sister.
"Yup!" He said with a smile, "she will probably be back to normal tomorrow. Tommy came downstairs in his pajamas.
"Tommy, it's late, go to bed." I said.
"But I'm 14 years old, I don't have a bedtime."
"Yes you do, you are about to collapse on the steps so I suggest you go back to sleep." I demanded him to go back to bed, so he walked lazily back up the stairs.

~morning *Luka's POV*

   I woke up to the smell of bacon, man! My senses are surely getting stronger! I walked downstairs, I was very gentle with my arm. It was bandaged and very sore. I think the Wolfsbane effects are gone now since the doctor had helped.
"Good morning!" My sister was making bacon and eggs.
"Good morning." I snored. I went to grab a glass, it was a habit to use my left arm for everything. Despite being really tall, my shoulder wouldn't let me reach the glass.
I grabbed it with my other hand and poured some orange juice.
"Is Kyle here? He wasn't on the couch."
" I actually do not know." She said looking around.
"Don't burn the bacon" I said, and she swerved back around and focused on the cooking.
   I had breakfast and I walked around looking for Kyle. He wasn't here. I went upstairs and saw him cuddled up with Tommy on the sofa with a book. They were asleep. I leaned against the doorframe and just smiled.

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