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   My parents left, what should I do now? I think Kyle might have decided to take a nap. Wait a second... now that I think about it, why are we placed in the same room?! Shouldn't we have separate rooms?
"What is bothering you?" Kyle looked over at me.
"Ah, it's nothing. Just wondering why we have been placed in the same room."
"Huh. I didn't realize that until you just mentioned it right now."
"I know right?"
We sat there in silence for a bit. Looking at each other.
We both laughed, as we had gasped of the thunder at the same exact time.
"Hey, uh... Kyle?" I asked as we settled back down.
"Do you... uh, get like some weird feeling when we are together?" He looked at me confused but actually looked a little shocked.
"Y-Yeah.... but. How can you feel it too?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, you see, you're human Luka. Only werewolves get a strange feeling around their-" He paused.
"Around....?" I asked, he was gazing upon the floor.
"Let's just say.... 'friends' for now..."
I was kind of confused. What does he mean when he says 'friends'?

~next morning

"Can't we be released today rather than tomorrow?" I complained.
"Actually," the nurse started, "you, Luka won't get released until Wednesday."
"What?! Why?" I questioned, I hated being stuck in this hospital. And adding to that, today was only Sunday. So I had to wait 2 days instead of 15 hours.
"Why?" Kyle had asked also.
"Because we need to get some info on her genetic background... or... past life." At that moment, we both looked at each other, knowing what she had possibly meant.
"Now don't worry, I know exactly what you are thinking. Luka you yourself are not a werewolf but we do need some genetic info for one of you grand parents or maybe great grand parents."
"So you're saying she may have a werewolf decent?"
"Yes, or perhaps maybe some other genetic decent." She ended.
The rest of the morning was pretty quiet. I wonder if I actually have some sort of werewolf genetics.


Kyle had fallen asleep, or maybe he was just relaxing. But, I was getting pretty tired myself. The only thing that kept me awake was this feeling, maybe I have feelings for Kyle? I mean, I've always liked him, as friend over anything else. Though, it felt like more than that. Was what he was saying about being around 'friends' much more than that? I laid there for a while, my thoughts and feelings all jumbled. I finally fell asleep.

*Kyle's POV*

She had fallen asleep, her face was even more adorable when she was asleep. I wonder if she has feelings for me like I have feelings for her. I wonder if she knows that I meant more than 'friends', but more so... it's even more than soulmates. I was lost in thought... just then I heard Luka mumbling in her sleep.
"Kyle" she said softly. It didn't sound panicked, it sounded more sad. But also, it had sounded warming.
"I'm lo—....." she trailed off. I was a little disappointed as I didn't hear what she possibly could've said.
I tried and tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't stop thinking about her. I knew I had feelings for her. I knew that I loved her.

~Monday *Luka's POV*

[sigh] Kyle would be leaving the hospital. I'd be left here all alone. I wasn't hurt, I felt fine. I just wanted to go home. I had missed my weekend. Luckily I wasn't absent for any classes. But I would be if I stayed here. Oh wait! I don't have classes this week! It's break!
I still have Tuesday to go and I feel like I have been here for months, yet I have only been here since Saturday. I sat up, the nurse walked in with breakfast. I felt pain, not like physical pain, but heartache. Why? I have been away from Kyle many times before... I decided to just eat.

~ one week later

"Kyle? Hey! I was just asking, are you free this afternoon?" I said over the phone.
"Yeah I'm free later, what's up?"
"I've been feeling so empty lately... have you?"
"To be honest..." he started, "I always feel empty when you are not around."
I kind of felt bad... he has always felt this way towards me?
"O-Oh..." I forced to say.
"Yeah..." he sounded almost sad.
"Well I guess I'll see you later..."
"Yes?" I questioned.
"Are you free right now?" He asked.
"Yes, are you home?"
"Yeah I'm at home."
"Okay, I guess I'll be over then. Bye."
"Goodbye Luka."
I suddenly felt happier, hearing him, driving to his house.
I got out of the car and he came and opened the door for me.
"Is this your 'dude hangout' house?" I asked amazed at how nice it was.
"Yes it is, it's kinda big because my friends come over a lot."
"Wow..." I looked around. We decided to settle down for a movie. It felt like we all of a sudden formed a relationship. A relationship being more than just friends.
We fell asleep on the sofa together, it wasn't much but I felt at home more than I ever had. When I woke up he wasn't there, but he must've just got up since the sofa was still warm where he had been sitting.
"Kyle?" I said. I looked around but he wasn't in there, in fact... I could tell where he was. Like there was a connection. I walked into the kitchen and he was getting ingredients for soup.
"Oh, hello. You are awake."
"Yeah, What time is it?" I asked tiredly.
"It's only 4 o'clock, don't worry you didn't sleep too long." He replied, whisking the broth for the soup. What was this feeling? It is so confusing, it's almost as though he changed in the blink of an eye. Maybe since I had told him my strange feelings he has felt more open to his.
Thirty minutes later he had the soup ready and we ate at the dinner table.

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