Little Moon

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"I hope Kyle feels better..."
While I set up more paintings, I heard the bells ring.
"Oh, hello! Are you looking to buy anything?"
"Why hello there..."
He said it with a wry smile... something's up.
"Do I know you?"
"Of course you do.... Little Moon."
"That's not my name, and if you are not looking for anything maybe you should try a different place."
"Oh, but I am looking for something..."
I don't understand, who is this guy? He looks like he is homeless?
"What are you looking for?"
"I've already found it..."
Should I kick him out of the gallery? Or just let him go?
Darn floorboard! It's making this weird situation worse.
"What is that?"
"You, my dear Little Moon..."
"I told you that's not my name and if you are not going to buy anything please leave..."
"But I've been looking for you for such a long time."
This dude, who is he referring to? 'Little Moon'?
"I want you to come home..."
"I already have a home, can you leave me alone please?"
"Why... that's a shame.... how could you not remember me, poor Sam?"
"I don't know who you are, sorry. Wrong person."
"Are you sure though..."[reaches into pocket and pulls out photos] "We even took pictures together when you were younger!"
That is so strange, how did he get a photo of me when I was 6? And why is he in the photo with me? I don't even know who this guy is!
"Look dude, you must have some upgraded photoshop 'cause I don't know how you got a photo like that."
"Oh, those pesky werewolves, can't let you see into your true past..."
"Werewolves? Did you hit your head when you were younger? Do you have something wrong? Do you need a glass of water?"
Uh... he's staring at me like I'm stupid?...
"Hmmm... [smirk] does 'Garret' ring a bell?"
Suddenly, I just zoned out... It feels like I was living in a different time, was I? There was a man, he had jet black hair... his eyes were yellow and, there was something in particular about him.
"We will now erase, Nina, from our history of the pack..." he had ears and a tail.
"For she has done something so very wrong at such a young age..."
   Was this man Garret? I was so confused...
"Any last requests?"
   There was a girl, wait, not just any girl... Why was I in the room! Why was I tied to a chair! I looked around 6 years old. I also had ears, like the man. But this never happened, at least I don't remember it happening. And why did he call me Nina? So many different names...
"Little Moon! Wait! Let me talk to her!" It was the man from my gallery, Sam.
"Take this man away."
"No! Please! I need to speak to her!" He was being strangled by the other men in the room. The young me was just sitting there, staring at the floor. Wrists tied tightly to the chair, tears rolling down the rosy cheeks of my young, clear face.
"Proceed with the erasing"
"Wait... Uncle Garret?" He looked down at my petite face with a cold stare.
"What Nina?"
"I'll miss you..." His face then turned, more soft. Then he turned away and held up his hand for the erasing to start.
   I was in the gallery once again, my face on the stone cold floor.
"Guess I should get going then, no use to talk to my Little Moon if she doesn't even remember..." He got up and walked out, he didn't come back for the rest of the day.

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