Chapter Two

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Saturdays were usually your favorite. You'd sleep in until noon, wake up and make breakfast, then you and Yoongi would binge-watch Netflix for most of the day. Today, however, was your three-year anniversary, and usually, those involved him taking you out somewhere. Even though he didn't seem to remember it, you continued your routine in the hopes that maybe he was just being sly and trying to spring something on you.

So despite how tired you were from a night of tossing and turning, you get up to make breakfast. You make the usual heart-shaped pancakes complete with chocolate chips, strawberries, and whipped cream. You make his coffee using the special expensive beans that are only brought out for holidays because you guys had to special order it from some hipster place that grows and roasts them on site in limited batches. You even make his usual bowl of rice on the side, because even though rice isn't usually paired with pancakes, he's an old-fashioned soul that "feels weird" if he doesn't start his day with rice.

You hear the shower start up and assume it's Jimin since Yoongi likes to have his coffee and breakfast first. You go ahead and start plating now that they were awake.

You're humming to yourself when Jimin finally wanders into the kitchen, no doubt following the smell, no sign of Yoongi behind him. His puffy and half asleep face was slightly covered by the hoodie he'd put on, and frankly, you'd find him adorable right now if you weren't so determined to not like him.

"Sit," you order softly and place a plate in front of him. He quietly thanks you, smiling drowsily before he takes a bite.

"Noona, these are amazing!" Jimin moans with a gravelly voice, thick from sleep.

Ever a sucker for having your cooking complimented, you smile at him genuinely for the first time without thinking. Jimin freezes midbite, staring at your mouth. A strawberry falls off of his fork unheeded. You're about to ask if you have something stuck in your teeth when Yoongi comes strolling into the kitchen, pecking the both of you on the cheek.

"Good morning, loves." As you observe him cheerily fixing his coffee, you realize that besides the odd phenomenon of him being fully aware before his caffeine, he's totally showered and dressed like he's ready to leave.

"How many pancakes do you want, Yoongi?" You ask, setting his rice and a plate next to Jimin at the table.

"Mmmm, as good as they smell, babe, I have to get going. We have a comeback starting in a couple weeks, and I can't leave Namjoon alone in the studio." He chuckles then drains his coffee quickly, leaving the cup in the sink.

"Oh, noona, did you drop this?" Jimin asks, peering at the trashcan. He leans over and grabs the card you'd thrown in there, Yoongi's name in bright red glitter glue. You always use glitter glue instead of markers. He hated how the glitter got everywhere, and you found it hilarious when he grumbled for days.

You want to be furious at Jimin for not keeping his mouth shut, but you suppose it's more your fault for waiting until after breakfast to take out the trash. Yoongi's eyes widen when he spots the shiny red of his name.

"Oh, did you write me a love letter, Princess?" He smirks and grabs the card from Jimin, who is glancing at you curiously, no doubt wondering why you'd suddenly gone tense.

Yoongi opens the card and pulls out the two playoff tickets you'd had to promise so many favors to get. Your friend Baekhyun was as adorable as they come but was really a diabolical mastermind. He'd made you promise to treat him to pizza once a week for a month and petsit his puppy. However, the way he'd worded it made you unsure if he'd really meant his dog or his boyfriend.

"Shit, babe! These were sold out! How did you get these?" Yoongi's surprised gaze flitters between you and the tickets as you smile at him with smug pride.

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