Chapter One

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Jimin moved in today.

You'd managed to get them to hold off for a whole month, claiming that you needed the time to get to know Jimin before he did, and they'd both agreed to that, and to keep the physical stuff limited until he moved in. It had been one very long month of awkward dinners twice a week, movie nights every Friday, and one agonizingly silent ice cream date that Yoongi had not so subtly canceled on, saying, "You guys can enjoy yourselves though."

You'd gotten so good at pasting a fake smile on your face as they giggled together during a meal that it was like second nature to you now. Imagining Jimin choking on his dinner helped.

"You haven't touched your food, are you alright?" Your thoughts are interrupted as Yoongi seems to finally remember that you exist, and he's even looking at you with concern, go figure.

"Yeah, great. Just trying to think of if there is anything else we need to get Jimin comfortable." You smile stiffly at Yoongi, knowing that the man who used to pick up on any nuance in your expressions with hawk-like sharpness wouldn't notice.

"I think we have everything we need. Thank you for thinking of me, though." Jimin said softly.

"We will need to upgrade the bed soon. I don't think a Queen will be big enough for us for long." Yoongi chuckles.

That's right. You were all sleeping in the same bed. And that little situation is what's been troubling you the most.

How was this supposed to work? What was going to happen? Who was going to sleep in the middle? They were probably going to want to fuck today since they'd only promised to keep their hands to themselves until move-in day. Were they just going to fuck or were they going to ask you to join? Were you going to have to touch Jimin? The only way you wanted to touch him was preferably with a blunt object upside his head.

You glanced up and observed the two men. While Jimin was still shy and reserved around you, Yoongi was in high spirits. He'd been smiling and chatty for weeks now, and today he was practically bouncing with excitement. That was honestly the only thing keeping you going at this point. You loved seeing him so happy, and you didn't want to be the one to take it away. The selfish and petty part of your brain bragged that this surely meant that you loved Yoongi more than Jimin did, and obviously that made you the better person.

When everyone was finished eating, you shooed them off to go watch TV while you cleaned. You washed the dishes and listened to their laughter reaching you from the living room. Glancing around the house, you could see little bits of Jimin everywhere now. Anime figures on shelves, jackets and shoes by the front door, face creams and protein powders on all your counters. He'd even taken up a whole half of your closet, your stuff being squashed off to the side.

You joined them on the couch when you were done, with you and Jimin on either side of Yoongi. He picked up your right hand and Jimin's left and placed a delicate kiss on the back of them both, smiling to himself as you all watched the rest of the movie.

When the credits start rolling, Yoongi shuts off the television and stands up, pulling the both of you up with him to get ready for bed. After taking turns in the bathroom, Yoongi and you go to the bedroom first, leaving Jimin to finish with his skincare routine.

You didn't know what else to do so you just slide into your usual spot on the right side of the bed and focus on setting your alarm for work in the morning. You breathe a little more relaxed once Yoongi slides in next to you, situating himself in the middle. You glance up as Jimin enters and Yoongi tells him to shut off the light. He's blushing, and he meets your eyes for a second before he does as he's told and shrouds the room in darkness.

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