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Dangerous Love // Hybrid!BTS AU - Hybrid!Yoongi x Reader // by _bangtan_sonyeondamn
Dangerous Love // Hybrid!BTS AU...by _bangtan_sonyeondamn
You never knew your life would end up like this. Seven hybrids under one roof. Seven male hybrids and you. That fated some dangerous love. This is my first reader book...
🪐✨🌙I am not Moon🌙✨🪐 by Riverdaleaus3
🪐✨🌙I am not Moon🌙✨🪐by Luno
Moon aka Y/N Miller. A popular music creator, the talk of the music industry for the past two years. The only problem being that no one knows who the person behind the s...
Min Yoongi x Reader / Mental by Saeyoxng
Min Yoongi x Reader / Mentalby ~ 606 ~
Patient name - Min Yoongi Age - 25 Height - 1.74 m Weight - 57 kg Sex - Male Disorder - Schizophrenia, Bipolar, alcoholism Note - May take acts of violence. May mu...
Vipers in the Lake | BTS Gang x Reader by piedpiper134340
Vipers in the Lake | BTS Gang x Re...by PiedPiper134340
"Do you get it yet Y/N? You're in a pit full of vipers now. And you're not going anywhere." ⓒ 2022 --------------------------- BTS Mafia/Gang x reader AU. Reve...
Lost At Sea Rewritten || (BTS x Reader) by trashburger
Lost At Sea Rewritten || (BTS x Re...by trashburger
The Kingdom of Sayaria is on an island surrounded by ocean for miles. And mermaids are meant to protect those out at sea while sirens are supposed to judge those at sea...
Unrelenting || myg. by obriensuniverse
Unrelenting || myg.by pheebs
When the forbidden fate of an apocalypse brings her towards four handsome boys in Daegu; she builds bonds that she never dreamed of having. One becomes an older brother...
Kidnap Me ║M.Y.G by -JiminsDuality-
Kidnap Me ║M.Y.Gby ×E v a n i s m×
❝Good girl. You actually listened.❞ he smirks, displaying a slightly surprised expression. ❝Why wouldn't I? This is fun.❞ I state amused, making him freeze on the spot. ...
Stanned - Yoongi x reader by jem_the_eternal
Stanned - Yoongi x readerby jem_the_eternal
Two internet friends, who have no clue who each other really are, have a budding romance online which begins unravelling into something else with the potential for so mu...
⍉ 𝐏𝐄𝐂𝐔𝐋𝐈𝐀𝐑 𝐏𝐀𝐂𝐊 ; POLY BTS HYBRIDS ⍉ by daydreamindollie
⍉ 𝐇𝐀𝐈𝐓𝐔𝐒 ⍉ you're a successful hybrid writer and psychologist, who takes in seven hybrids on one stormy night after finding one of their pack stealing from your ga...
Pack House! BTS by DeepImagines
Pack House! BTSby Imagination 🫧
AMBW -story HYBE decides to bring two of its Biggest groups together for better publicity. Their most successful Korean Pop Group BTS and their Most Successful American...
The Silence We Fill | MYG by BangtanNova
The Silence We Fill | MYGby ♡☆♡☆♡
"Don't you see? They're out there, waiting for us! They sit there, all eyes watching the stage, wanting something more than a machine. They don't want simple notes...
ENEMIES || Yoongi x reader by chewxxx23
ENEMIES || Yoongi x readerby Chew
Every person is born with two tattoos. One on each arm. One matches your soulmate, and one matches your worst enemy. However, most people have no clue which is which. B...
daddy issues||bts by m3szylove
daddy issues||btsby <3
bts preferences,imagines,scenarios,etc. age gap! teachers pet,lolita,older man,nsfw,etc. 16+
Hold Me Tight | Min Yoongi FF by Her_Singularity
Hold Me Tight | Min Yoongi FFby Her_singularity
[Completed] Summary: You were looking the night sky in your balcony when a mysterious man fell from above & suddenly kissed you. He then pulled away from the kiss and sm...
Romeo and Juliet by keerthanasmr8
Romeo and Julietby keerthanasmr8
You both were not meant to be together. Why? Because you both belonged to the feuding families in the mafia's paradise. But still, they say, opposite forces attract each...
Run Away | Werewolf | Yoongi x Reader by TundraFox
Run Away | Werewolf | Yoongi x Rea...by Tundra Fox ~가비
The amazing scent of chocolate and straight up sugar got stronger and stronger the farther you went down the line. However, you made sure that you had a proper conversat...
Denial || MYG || ✓ by _luv_jjk_
Denial || MYG || ✓by JK
"I hate you" He leans in "I like you" Yoongi x Reader Fanfiction Highest Ranking: #2 readerxyoongi Some mature content 🔞 Don't forget to follow and...
Love You So Bad by euphoria-vmin7
Love You So Badby Rey
(A BTS x Reader Fanfic) They say if you really want something, if you work hard enough, you'll get that and more. You've wanted to be an idol since you were a kid. And...
Criminally Insane Min Yoongi x Reader by melanie_blue97
Criminally Insane Min Yoongi x Rea...by ミ〔𝐵 x b y ♡™
Y/N is a traumatized 19 year old girl. She comes from a broken family that was filled with nothing but lies. Her soul was repeatedly broken. When she thought she got rid...
Bully  {}Yoongi x Reader{} by N0L0N3RACT1V3
Bully {}Yoongi x Reader{}by inactive
Y/N is your normal school girl, small group of friends, normal family, good grades. But the thing that gets her down the most is her 'Personal Bully' she tries to ignore...