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Friends with benefits : Park Jimin by introvertedasiangirl
Friends with benefits : Park Jiminby Isa (ee-sa)
⚠️ smut alert, hard stans only⚠️ After a one night stand with Jimin, your childhood friend, could your friendship with him get anymore complicated? *** Like an angel a...
Jimin smuts 18+ by 50shades_of_chim
Jimin smuts 18+by 50shades_of_chim
A bunch of Jimin smuts. enjoy :3
Park Jimin's Sex Slave (Jimin X Reader) by KimMinyoung05
Park Jimin's Sex Slave (Jimin X Re...by Kim Minyoung
Lee Minju is the daughter of one of the richest bussiness man of the world. Where Park Jimin had a huge crush on her. Then Minju had an amnesia. She can't even remember...
Jimin ff (21+) ll His Sex Toy ll •MATURE• by JamlessMinie
Jimin ff (21+) ll His Sex Toy ll •...by bangtan homies
You can call me anything you want..A bitch? a slut? a hoe? a gold digger? a dick lover? call me anything you want cause i don't care...He owns me..He'll punish me..He ca...
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~||Yoonmin Smut Senarios||~ by RoseBunny25
~||Yoonmin Smut Senarios||~by RoseBunny25
A bunch of Yoonmin smuts in a book. [18+] In this book, I have many different Yoonmin smut senarios in various situations for you to enjoy. This book contains mature con...
Management// Jimin x reader by yoongoii
Management// Jimin x readerby yoongoii
Jimin smirked. "Or I could get naked as well" #1 In JinxReader #19 in jiminxreader #26 in btsxreader Cover by @livie_marie1
My younger brother by moll0222
My younger brotherby M.V.B
You are my drug. One touch and the intoxication is instant. Whatever you want to do is what we'll do and there isn't a thing I can do to stop you, not that I'd want to...
Caught | Yoonmin 21+ by AVeryGayARMY
Caught | Yoonmin 21+by AVeryGayARMY
"What the fuck Jimin-" Jimin finds a porn video with his crush Yoongi in it. Yoongi catches him in the act. What blossoms is a beautiful relationship (with lot...
ReaL JiMiN AnD Me||PJM by Park_Minji0401
ReaL JiMiN AnD Me||PJMby •BaByGiRL•
Сургуульдаа од хөөрхөн охин шийтгэлээр сургуулийнхаа ноомой бандитай үерхэх болсноор үйл явдал эхлэнэ... Тэдний үерхэл хэр хол явах бол? Тэр бандийн жинхэнэ төрхийг мэд...
Wrong Number⚠️ | ᴘᴊᴍ ✓ by jiminiesshiteu
Wrong Number⚠️ | ᴘᴊᴍ ✓by Amy ✓
-the apparently lovable Jimin is actually an asshole but y/n realizes this too late... [smut] [daddykink] [fast read] [texting and rl]
playmates ≈p.jm [editing] by joonchoke
playmates ≈p.jm [editing]by cavetown
"im your toy daddy.. use me" where y/n's kink brought her to meeting a new 'friend' named jimin.
the book of jikook smuts by glcwingmyg
the book of jikook smutsby 𝐜𝐡𝐮🥛
"who owns you, 'Min?" "you do."
LOADING... {p.j.m x reader} 18+ by sweetheartjk
LOADING... {p.j.m x reader} 18+by Beau Jones
Unknown: Fuck you Kookie you're such an asshole Me: um... I think you might have texted the wrong number... Unknown: Jungkook? Me: Nope. Park (y/n) Unknown: Huh? Well...
My mate pt.2 (Jimin X Reader) by JRoekie
My mate pt.2 (Jimin X Reader)by JRoekie
A sequel to the story my mate. I recommend reading the first book before reading this one. A month has passed since the Luna bonding ceremony. You finally became one wi...
The Sin Between us | BTS 21+ by JHobiHobi
The Sin Between us | BTS 21+by Daddy Hoseok
JUST US PART 2 ______ "If you could turn back time, what would you change?"
Hotel Grey Moon (JiKook) by jkcukie
Hotel Grey Moon (JiKook)by JKCukie
"What? Just because of my father's sin I won't work here. Never" "If you don't want me to punish you, better stay here. Or else... " Started: 28 Nove...
Hotel Grey Moon by Jeonjungkookmin07
Hotel Grey Moonby KookMin
"What? Just because of my father's sin I won't work here. Never" "If you don't want me to punish you, better stay here. Or else... " Started: 27 Octo...
Sweet Hell..  PJM stories by foreverbtslovee
Sweet Hell.. PJM storiesby foreverbtslovee
Y/N an innocent , pretty but intelligent has crush on choi bomin who is the biggest enemy of park jimin . Will Y/n be able to love bomin the mafia forever or will fall...
fxxkmates; pjm by joonchoke
fxxkmates; pjmby cavetown
playing a game is hard when one falls in love and the other is in lust.
troublemaker | pjm smut (park jimin) by darlinkookie
troublemaker | pjm smut (park jimi...by 🍯C
you work at a convenience store, the night shift because you're too lazy to take the morning ones. it's just that there's this shitty co-worker who acts like a fuckboy...