Chapter Four

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When you came knocking, Jin and Namjoon accepted you back into the house without question, though their eyes were full of pity. You knew you must look an absolute mess, with your puffy red eyes and your hair sticking out every way from you running your hands through it. It was just a good thing no one could see what a mess you were on the inside.

You cuddled into the plush bedding of the now familiar bed in the Kim Household guest room, having found yourself banished here once more - though this time it seemed to be permanent. The absolute rage in Yoongi's eyes was branded into your memory. The way he'd spit out his demand for you to leave...surely actually stabbing you with a knife would have hurt less.

Still, a strange broken part of you was almost relieved. The steady and sure nature of your relationship with Yoongi previously had always confused you, had always felt too good to be true. But this - this was familiar. The feeling of being unwanted and alone was one you knew all too well.

Namjoon and Jin were being wonderful, of course. They left you mostly to yourself but occasionally checked on you to see if you needed something to drink or eat. Namjoon offered to talk when you were ready. Jin offered the special tequila he bought during their last trip to Mexico that he'd been hoarding. You'd take him up on the offer if you weren't so sure he'd smuggle Namjoon in with him to give you some well-meaning encouraging speech anyway.

You weren't sure how long you'd been here so far, but it was at least a couple of hours and was surely late in the evening, which is why it was odd you heard someone knocking on the front door. Jin hadn't said anything about someone coming over or if he was ordering food. You hoped you weren't messing up any plans they'd had by forcing them to host your sniveling ass.

You strained to listen as Namjoons familiar heavy steps make their way to the front door and opened it. The silence was curious. Soon Jin's steps followed the same path and his voice was almost too low to hear.

"Park Jimin. You are not welcome here."

"I know it's bad, hyung. I need to talk to her so things don't get worse. Please."

You sigh and listen to the continuing hushed argument as you force yourself out of bed, unable to resist Jimin's pleading. If nothing else, you were curious why Jimin of all people would be the one to chase you here.

You wipe your eyes and pad barefoot out of the bedroom and down the hall. Namjoon and Jin are both blocking the open doorway like guard dogs. You snort softly to yourself at the apt description. You clear your throat and they both swing their heads towards you with matching worried expressions.

"It's okay, guys. Let him in," you tell them with a soft voice, harsh from weeping.

They both sigh, and you can hear the judgment in it. Your eyes meet Jimin's as he steps inside and closes the door behind him. He doesn't look much better than you. His eyes are just as red and puffy as yours, his usually perfect hair a mess. He stood there pulling at his sleeves worryingly and chewing at his lips as he watched you with a timid gaze.

You wave for him to follow you and turn to the guest room, listening to him silently scurrying after you. When you are both in the room, you peek your head out at Jin and pin him with a warning glance. He sighs and pulls his husband along with him as he locks himself in his own room, knowing that you wouldn't let any eavesdropping fly today.

You close your door silently and join Jimin at the end of your bed, staring down at your hands. You weren't sure if he was waiting on you to say something, but he seemed to be trying to fight his own internal battle to speak as well.

" this is hard. I had this whole speech planned in my head and now it's all jumbled," he says quietly. Finally, he sighs and turns to face you, grasping one of your hands lightly.

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