First Dinner - Jimin's POV

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Jimin had been traveling the world as a backup dancer for Taemin, one of Korea's top artists, for almost three years. He and Taemin worked so well together that there had been rumors of his company thinking of making them a duo. Jimin had been so close to having everything he wanted. So close to making a name for himself.

But he hadn't been happy, because he missed Yoongi so much. No matter where he went, what he saw, how close he was to having his dream, his mind was still continually wondering and worrying about Min Yoongi.

So he apologized to Taemin, packed up his meager belongings, and jumped on the first plane back home.

When he'd first walked into Yoongi's studio, Jimin just stood there and observed him for a few moments. He looked so good. Jimin had wanted to just jump right in his lap like he used to, but he didn't know if he was going to be welcome, so he decided to play it safe.

Jimin had known that Yoongi wouldn't hear him through his fancy headphones, so he'd tapped him on the shoulder. Yoongi turned around, took one look at Jimin, and started crying. Sobbing. Jimin had gathered him up and cried with him. Yoongi had alternated between crying, yelling, and hitting Jimin in the chest before he'd finally kissed him desperately.

Yoongi finally pulled away once Jimin had tried to lead the kiss another direction, claiming that they needed to talk. After demanding reassurances that Jimin was here to stay, Yoongi had explained that he was with someone. Had been in love with someone for almost three years now. Y/N.

Jimin remembered her, of course. He recalled when Yoongi had hired her all those years ago, and he wouldn't stop talking about how talented she was and how her ear for music was almost as exceptional as his. Jimin had grown so curious about this woman that he'd shown up to bring Yoongi lunch once. She was pretty, and the two of them had been sarcastically teasing Namjoon as Jimin had walked in. That hadn't been what struck him the most though. What had burned itself in his memory was her face when he'd been introduced as Yoongi's boyfriend, and Jimin had noticed the brief flash of sadness and surprise in her eyes before giving him a polite greeting. Her fleeting glances that were filled with longing as she watched them hadn't gone unnoticed by Jimin either.

Not long after that was when Taemin had sent the offer to dance for him. And Jimin left knowing that Yoongi would be in good hands. He really wasn't surprised to hear that it was her that Yoongi had moved on with.

Jimin still couldn't believe that Yoongi had forgiven him, let alone wanted to be with him again. They'd been talking for weeks, and while Jimin had behaved, for the most part, he still held out hope that Yoongi would come back to him. Then Yoongi had shown him something he'd been researching online. Polyamorous relationships.

Meaning, Yoongi had no desire to leave Y/N.

Jimin had been hurt at first until he figured this was Karma's way of teaching him a lesson. He knew he'd been selfish and mean hoping that Yoongi would leave her. He didn't actually like the thought of hurting anyone or destroying someone's relationship. Could he do this, though? Share a home and Yoongi with another person? Did he deserve it?

He knew that he'd hate himself if he didn't at least try. He was scared of who Yoongi would choose if he gave him an ultimatum. The man he used to love that left him and broke his heart or the woman he now loved that put it back together.

So Jimin accepted Y/N's invitation to dinner.

Jimin stood in front of the beige suburban house and stared at the white door, slightly scared to ring the doorbell. He carried various types of Soju in one hand, since he didn't know what Y/N liked, and the Japanese beer that Yoongi favored in the other. He felt like that was a metaphor for the situation he was getting himself into.

He observed the outside of the house, taking in the decor and the various plants and immaculate lawn, the basketball hoop above the garage. It screamed domestication and home. He'd never pictured Yoongi living like this, but at the same time, it was easy to imagine. Yoongi grumbling as he takes out the trash, barbequing with friends on his patio or bitching about the lawn being too small for him to use a ride on mower.

He finally rang the doorbell, and Yoongi answered quickly like he'd been waiting right in front of it. He was sparkling and showing off a gummy smile. Jimin grinned back and relaxed a little. If Yoongi was this happy, it must not be that big of a deal. Jimin was surprised but followed Yoongi into the kitchen to hand Y/N the alcohol.

Their eyes met, and she gave him a tight smile, and Jimin realized it was certainly not alright. He felt like the worst person on the planet. Her pretty eyes were red and puffy from crying, and even though she kept smiling, it was emotionless and never met her eyes. Jimin was mad at Yoongi for asking her to stay, angry at himself for being so weak for Yoongi that he was still going to do this, and he felt so sorry for her.

He vowed to do anything he could to make it up to her.

Anything except give up Yoongi. 

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