Move In & The Anniversary - Jimin's POV

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The weeks before he'd moved in had contained some of the most awkward moments of Jimin's life. He'd readily agreed when Noona had asked for the time, knowing that it was the smart thing to do, but that hadn't made it any easier. He was still the interloper ruining a perfectly good three year long relationship - nevermind that he'd been with Yoongi for seven years before that.

He couldn't help but admire her as she kept her cool during such a strange situation, and it made him more determined to be as respectful as possible. He maintained his physical distance from Yoongi - even though that was extremely difficult. He grilled Yoongi on her favorite treats and drinks so he could always bring something she liked when he was invited to dinner. He even tried to quietly ask her questions to draw her into their conversations, but he usually only got an extremely fake looking polite smile along with a vague answer.

Still, he found himself watching her more and more, enjoying the little things he was able to learn. Like how much she liked cooking and absolutely preened whenever Yoongi told her something was delicious. She loved Disney movies and could be heard humming the songs while she prepared dinner. She adored animals and treated their dog Holly like he was an actual child, which was cute to watch when she was dressing the poor thing up and cooing at it.

He also noticed all the little ways that she took care of Yoongi - from massaging his neck and shoulders after a long day in the studio to going all out and preparing baths for him. She left love notes in his wallet for him every day. And she was so full of encouragement and praise for him. Jimin had never heard someone go out of their way to build someone up to the extent that she did.

Jimin could admit that he was becoming a little fascinated by her. Perhaps even a bit jealous that while Yoongi received all that pampering and praise, all he got were brittle smiles and troubled eyes. Not that he blamed her, of course, but he was a selfish man and she was a stunning and obviously kindhearted woman. It was hard not to pay attention to her, no matter their strange situation. It probably didn't help that he didn't think that Yoongi was paying proper attention to her, but he didn't know how to bring it up, or if it was his place. If he tried to talk to Yoongi about it she'd probably just resent him even more.

When the move in day came, he could practically see the melancholy cloud above her head as they scattered his belongings around the house, and he hated himself. He wished he was strong enough to stay away, to give up Yoongi to the new life she'd built for him, but he couldn't. His time away had simply proven that Yoongi was it for him. So he convinced himself it was okay since she didn't say no. That he'd just work hard to make sure he upset her as little as possible. That maybe someday they could at least be friends.

That night as they'd all gone to the bedroom, he'd seen her laying on her side of the bed with her hair spread across the pillow and the straps of a black silk nightie poking out from under the sheets, her nervous glance burning into his before he'd turned out the lights. He knew she'd seen him blush, but he was sure she didn't know why. Probably thought it was just him being shy when the real reason was because the sight of her laid out like that send blood rushing straight to his dick.

That's when he'd realized his fascination with her was going beyond curiosity and admiration, growing into genuine attraction as well. He'd known she was pretty, of course, but this was the first time he'd wondered what it would be like with her. He wondered if someday she'd stop hating him enough that something like that could be possible.

When Yoongi had begun teasing him later that night, he'd tried to hold off. He really had thought of her and hadn't wanted to hurt her feelings any more than he already did just by being here, but he had missed Yoongi so much. When those fingers had started touching him as Yoongi had confidently reacquainted himself with Jimin's weak spots, he was unable to turn him away. He knew it was probably wrong to get right to it without talking about things or at the very least asking if Noona wanted to join. But he let Yoongi turn him into a whimpering mess anyway, and hoped that they wouldn't wake her up to spare her the hurt it would probably cause. He'd cum with Yoongi deep inside him and his nose buried in the pillow drenched with Noona's violet perfume.

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