Chapter Three

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Months pass quickly as the three of you begin to find a new rhythm, slowly figuring out how to balance things a little better. Not to say that things are perfect; you still feel like the odd one out at times. Yoongi has gotten better about including you, but you still feel like you'll always come second to Jimin no matter what. It hurts, but the raw pain you'd felt before has simmered down enough for you to accept that this is the way it's going to be if you want to keep Yoongi in your life.

One new thing that had been implemented into the relationship was individual date nights with Yoongi. Jimin got Saturdays and you got Sundays. Yoongi had read something about how it was healthy in polyamorous relationships to still allow some one on one time with your partners, and it did make sense. You loved having Yoongi's undivided attention and you were sure that Jimin did too. Didn't make it any easier to wake up at Jin and Namjoon's every Sunday morning after a night of wondering whether this date with Jimin had finally been the one to convince Yoongi he was happy with just the two of them.

You knew that a big part of the problem was actually your own issues. You were the first to admit that you were insecure and anxious. After growing up in foster care when you were taken away from your abusive parents, you were used to people getting sick of you and having to go to a new home. By the time you had aged out, you have been in a total of twenty five different homes. You were familiar with feeling rejected and alone. No one had been more surprised than you when Yoongi had asked you out.

The time before when it had just been you and him had been like a dream - everything you'd ever wanted in life had finally been yours. You'd found a man that seemed to love you, a great job, a home, and your head had been filled with visions of marriage and a family. You supposed you shouldn't be that surprised that it didn't last. Still, at least he still seemed to want you, even if it wasn't just you anymore.

With a bone-weary sigh, you get up and shower, throwing on the spare hoodie and jeans that you've been keeping at Jin's for the weekend. You'd change later when it was time for you to go on your date. As you wander towards the kitchen, the familiar scents of Jin's weekend breakfast make you smile at last for the first time in a couple days.

"Morning! Sit, it's all ready," Jin says with a beaming grin as he ushers you towards the table where Namjoon is already serving himself. His lips seemed to be permanently parted in a good-humored smile these days like he thinks it's the only thing keeping you from having a breakdown. You loved him for it, the sap.

"While I don't love the circumstances, I'm happy that you have to come here every weekend. Before, Jin would just throw me a box of cereal and tell me I was on my own," Namjoon chuckles between bites of stew, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

Jin squawks and throws a napkin. "I did no such thing. You are the most well-fed husband in all of creation."

Namjoon waits for Jin to get distracted before mouthing He totally did.

You giggle and dig into your own food, moaning with appreciation. You knew that Jin didn't have time to cook very often, but you were sure appreciative that he went out of his way on the weekends for you. You needed a good bracing meal before having to head back into "The Den Of Sin" as Jin had taken to calling it.

You knew he didn't really mean anything by it as he wasn't the judgemental sort; he just was about as fond of the way Yoongi had gone about things as you were. Which was to say not at all. In fact, you weren't sure that Jin had spoken much to him recently unless he absolutely needed to. So far Yoongi seemed to be so far up Jimin's ass that he hadn't even noticed his friend's absence.

"So what are you doing on your date today?" Seokjin asked as he passed you a side dish. You smiled your thanks and served yourself, shrugging in answer.

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