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The next day was a haze until I got to my last period of school. Recently, I have stopped eating lunch in the cafeteria with Kennedi, so I could spend more time in Mr.Styles' classroom with him. When I heard the bell ring ending lunch, I walked away from Harry's desk, and sat down in my seat.

I kept my eyes glued on my teacher as he announced that he was passing out the grades from a test we took the day before. I heard Kenni sit down next to me, but I didn't bother to look over, I couldn't miss a second of staring at the perfect male figure in front of me.

I felt my best friend poke me. "Hey, where have you been lately? You haven't been at lunch and we never hang out anymore."

I looked over at her and shrugged. "I have been studying."

The moment after those words came out of my mouth, Harry came over and dropped my test in front of me. I got a 70%.

Kennedi looked hurt once she saw my grade. "It doesn't look like you are studying too hard.", she said right before she swiveled so her back was facing me.

It's not like I tried to avoid her, it's just that Harry was my top priority at the moment. I knew that I was supposed to put chicks before dicks, but I couldn't. He was just so important to me, I couldn't let him go. I had to be around him, it is like I was addicted to him.

I spent the rest of the class staring at Mr.Styles, and he knew it. He would occasionally meet my gaze or make a weird face at me when no one was looking. He knew exactly what he did to me, and when he was feeling extra playful, he would look me straight in the eyes and lick his lips, causing a huge knotted feeling in my lower region. That boy gave me the feels.

Finally I heard the long awaited bell go off, and everyone got up to leave school. It was an unsaid rule that I would meet Harry at his place, so I gathered my stuff and began to walk out of the classroom.

I saw Kennedi walk up beside me. "Wanna go to the mall with me?"

I looked her in the eyes. I saw how much hope she had, how much she wanted her best friend to be there for her. Hesitantly, I shook my head. "I am sorry, I am busy."

My heart broke when I saw the tears well up in her eyes as she walked away. Was I doing the right thing?

By now, the school was completely cleared out. I made my way through the empty hallways, almost to the front door of the school, when I felt my body being pushed up against a locker.

"Miss me, babe?", I heard a evil, masculine voice say into my ear.

This voice was definitely not Harry's.

It was Tyler's.

I tried freeing myself from his grasp, but he was too strong. 

"What do you want, Tyler?", I said with as much authority as I could.

He smiled, not a very pleasant one I might add. "I want you."

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