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"Mackenzie, we have to tell you something…"

I stood there, waiting for her to continue. She grabbed my hand, and led me back to the side of the school with Carter following.

"Kenz, Carter has known about this for a while, he only told me last week. I wanted to tell you right away, but I didn't know how to. So I guess I just have to show you."

My eyebrows knitted together. What the hell was she talking about?

She finally let go of me, and didn't say a word. I was still looking at her, trying to read her expression, until I realized that she had her eyes fixated on something ahead of her.

I turned my head, and saw my boyfriend-excuse me- ex boyfriend, making out with some slut. I assumed he heard me choke on my tears because he unlocked his mouth from her's and looked up at me. He didn't even say anything, he just stood there, waiting for something to happen.

I don't know why I was hurt, but I was. I mean yeah, my boyfriend cheated on me, but I was praying he would end our relationship anyway. I think it was the fact that my best friend in the entire world betrayed me. How could she keep that kind of a secret from me?

I felt the tears stream down my face, so I turned around, and ran back to my car. I heard Kennedi run after me, but I couldn't even look at her after what she did. I kept running, not knowing where I was going because my tears blurred my vision. I finally felt myself bump into a hard surface. I sensed myself beginning to fall backwards, but two hands caught me.

I looked up and saw what- or should I say who- I bumped into.


I was surprised when he didn't take his hands off of my back after I was steadied on my two feet. I was still violently crying, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop.

"Are you okay?", he asked me with concern in his voice.

I couldn't answer, because truthfully, I didn't know if I was okay. I stood there, bawling my eyes out, as my history teacher watched in confusion.

After a few moments, Mr.Styles wrapped an arm around my waist and led me to his car. "You are in no state to drive. I can give you a ride home."

I didn't object. Between sobs, I told him where I lived and he began the drive to my house. He was silent during the ride, my numerous cries being enough noise for the two of us. Once he pulled into my driveway, I mumbled a "thank you" and left his car.

I was glad my parents were still at work- I would have a chance to pull myself together before they got home. When I got to my doorstep, I ruffled through my backpack, looking for my key. It dawned on me that I left it in my room that morning. 

"This day keeps getting better and better…", I mumbled to myself sarcastically.       

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