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It has been three weeks since the first day of school, and it's been quite interesting. I found out a little bit about Mr.Styles- he is twenty three, just graduated college, and always wanted to be a history teacher. I find myself trying so hard in the morning, making sure that I perfect my hair, makeup, and outfit for his liking. I know that I have a boyfriend- and even if I didn't, there is no way in hell that I could date my teacher- but Mr.Styles was just so amazing. I could not concentrate in class because of him. I love how his curls are so messy, yet they look so perfected, how his left cheek indents into a dimple when he smiles, how his big hands run through his hair when he is frustrated.

Let's just say this is more than a crush.

The sad part is that Mr.Styles and I barely talk. Sometimes his eyes meet my gaze, and sometimes he smiles at me as I walk out of the class, but that is pretty much it. Besides, I am not the only one who thinks he is a total hunk. Every single girl in my class (and even one boy…) drool over Mr.Styles. There is something about him that makes him so delectable. It is not just his looks, but also his voice, his personality, the way he licks his lips…  Let's just say he's perfect. That is the only way to describe him.

Anyway, it was a regular Monday at school which consisted of me waiting until the last period of the day. Finally lunch ended and Kennedi and I made our way to history class. Mr.Styles was standing in the front of the class in a button down shirt and chinos, waiting for everyone to sit down. It took all the strength in my body to hold my urge of jumping on him then and there.

"Class, I am going to hand back your test grades. Some of you did well, some of you did not.", Mr.Styles said as he picked up the large stack of tests.

He handed Kenni her test, and then gave me mine. I got a 65%. I never did this bad in history class…

Kenni poked me on the shoulder. "Whaddya get?"

I showed her my test. "65%. What about you?"

She shook her head. "100%. You would get that too if you weren't so busy day dreaming about shagging Mr.Styles."

I slapped her arm. "I do not!"

In all honestly, I did.

The rest of the class period Mr.Styles explained the significance of World War One, but I was too busy inspecting his every element to listen. A little while later, I heard the bell go off, letting everyone know that school was over. Everybody got up and packed their bags, filing out of the room. Just as I was walking out of class with Kennedi, I heard a husky voice behind me.

"Mackenzie, may I speak to you for a moment?"

I tried to hide the huge grin on my face as I nodded my head. 

I turned to say goodbye to Kennedi, but she beat me to it. "Have fun, you little naughty girl.", she whispered a bit too loudly as she strolled into the hallway.

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