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I hopped in my car and met Harry at his apartment building. While walking to his door with him, I could feel the sexual tension rising, and I only intensified it by brushing my hands against his. When we got inside his home, I followed Harry to the couch. I thought we would have a make out session, but my teacher has a different idea.

He picked up a piece of paper. "Okay, I am going to give you a test."

I looked at him as if he was crazy- I didn't think our tutor sessions would actually be me getting tutored. 

Harry looked down at the paper. "Question number one. What is your full name?"

I smiled. He just wanted to get to know me better. I admired that he wanted more than just a physical relationship with me. "Mackenzie Elizabeth Miller, but I go by Kenzie."

He smiled at my nickname, making his adorable little dimple appear. "Kenzie. I like that." He paused, looking at the next question. "Favorite food?"


"Favorite dessert?"

"Pumpkin pie."

"Pet peeve?"


"Favorite color?"

"Baby blue."

"Favorite Animal?"


"Favorite vacation spot?"


"Favorite fruit?"


His next quick fire question caught me off guard.

"Favorite thing about me?"

I had to think for a while until I came up with the correct answer. "Everything."

Harry looked deep into my eyes, our heads subconsciously moving together. "Funny, thats my favorite thing about you", he said right before he jammed his lips against mine.

We kissed for a while, and then ended up snuggling and watching TV. During the commercial, Harry tilted my body so I was facing him.

"That wasn't all I wanted to know about you."

I blushed, honored that he actually cared about me. "But you never told me about yourself."

He nodded. "Fair enough. We will take turns asking questions. You first."

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