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The next morning, my eyes began to open, slowly adjusting to the light. I felt a smile creep on my face when I saw those beautiful green eyes peering back at me, only a few inches away. It took me a few moments to remember where I was, and what had happened in the past week. I quickly cringed away from Harry, pulling his arm off from around my body. 

He hastily reacted, jumping out from underneath the covers and taking a few strides away from the bed. "Sorry, last night you wanted me to stay with you. Go back to sleep.", he said before walking out of his room.

A part of me wanted him to come back in bed with me, wanting him to occupy the emptiness of the bed. Another part of me was so angered, for what he did, and was doing: using me yet again.

I couldn't get back to bed after that- too many things were running through my mind. 

Why is he keeping me at his house? Why is he being so nice? What does he have to explain to me? Do I still have feelings for him?

I already knew the answer to the last question. Of course I still had feelings for him, and I probably always will. But if there was one thing I was sure of, it would be that I couldn't trust him.

I finally got out of bed and stretched. I looked at the clock, and I realized it was already eleven thirty. I was going to be so late for school.

I rushed out of Harry's bedroom, and a delicious scent intruded my nostrils. There in the kitchen stood my ex boyfriend, cooking up a storm.

I tried to ignore how hot he was as I walked over to him. "I have to go to school."

Harry turned around, a solemn expression on his face. "You aren't going anywhere until you listen to me."

My eyes flickered to the clock on the microwave, and back to him. I decided to give in, knowing that Harry was serious.

I crossed my arms and tapped my foot. "You have five minutes."

His face flashed a smile, causing my knees to buckle. "Thank you so much, Kenz. I made you some breakfast, by the way."

I held back a giggle, he was just too damn cute. "Tick tock…"

Harry nodded his head. "Just hear me out, I know you probably won't believe me, and I understand if you hate my guts, but I promise you, I am telling the truth."

I didn't say a word, I just kept staring at him, letting him know to continue.

He took a breath, beginning his explanation. "So last monday, when I was called to the office, Principal Johnson told me that there had been an anonymous tip saying that I was dating a student. He told me that I had to end it, not letting the girl know that I was being forced into it. He said if I didn't, I would be fired."

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