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I stared down at the piece of paper in my hand, in pure disbelief.

Dear Kenz,

A long time ago, I fell in love with this girl. She was amazing, but sadly, a lot of people didn't support our relationship. We broke up for the first time, but our connection was too strong, we loved each other too much to stay away. We got back together and for a while, things were going great. Until one day, I was forced to leave her, I didn't have a choice. That was a year ago, and she is still the only girl I think about. I told her that maybe we would bump into each other one day, and I have been searching for her ever since. Unfortunately, we haven't crossed paths, and I am getting a little impatient. I want her back. Does she feel the same way? Does she want to see me as much as I want to see her?

With so much love, The Teacher

P.S. Instead of answering this in the magazine, maybe you can meet for dinner on Friday night, at Wasabi. 7:30. Hope to see you there.

I sat there at my desk, my mouth wide open. This had to be from Harry. So many questions and emotions were running through my mind.

How did he find me? Did he really feel the same way? Did I really just read that or am I going crazy?

I reread at the last line. Wasabi was one of my favorite sushi places ever, it was about ten minutes from my apartment. 

Friday night. 7:30.

My head shot up to my calendar, and surely enough, it was friday.

I glanced at my watch, it was already 3:30.

I usually leave work around 5:30 but I wouldn't have nearly enough time to make myself presentable. I walked to my boss, Karen's office, silently praying that she was in a good mood.

I opened her door and was delighted to see that she wasn't on the phone.

"Hi Mackenzie! How may I help you?"

Good, she seemed to be pretty happy today.

"I was wondering… would you mind if I left a little early today?"

"What time?"

"Like… now."

Karen smiled. "Got yourself a date?"

I shrugged, not wanting to make a big deal. "I guess you could call it that."

She chuckled and nodded. "Sure, why not. Have a good time!"

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