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**This chapter gets quite dirty, just warning you!**

The week went by, making me more and more excited for Friday. Once it got here, I was basically jumping out of my skin awaiting the fun to come. The day felt longer than any school day had ever been before- I just wanted it to end. I could tell that Harry was excited too, because I caught him checking the clock all throughout history class. When the day finally ended, I gave my teacher a glance before rushing out of school.

We already decided that I would go to my house after school for a little while before I came over, but what he didn't know was that I would be prepping myself to look my best… just in case something happened… if you catch my drift. This consisted of showering, shaving, blowdrying, straightening, and packing. I dropped my weekend bag on my bed as I opened my drawers. I threw in a few tops, a few bottoms, but the next category of clothes got me thinking. I sifted through my lingerie drawer, wishing I had the slightest idea of what to bring. Should I bring my sexiest bra and thong, and make it look like I tried, or a basic nude bra and panties, and make it look like I had no idea. Decisions, decisions. I decided to wear my basic set, and take the sexy one just in case. Once I was finished packing and making myself look presentable, I made my way downstairs to face the scariest part of the weekend.

My parents.

They turned their heads when I made it to the last step, confused why I had a suitcase in hand. 

"Is it okay if I stay over Kennedi's until Sunday night? We haven't hung out much lately, and we have some catching up to do.", I said as casually as possible.

My parents nodded, used to me going over my best friend's house. I gave them quick hugs and made my way out the door.

That was easier than I thought it would be.

I drove as fast as the speed limit allowed, not wanting to be anywhere but in my boyfriend's arms. Finally, I parked next to Harry's car and ran up to his door. The second he opened it, I fell right into his chest.

"Hey, babe.", he said while putting me an arm's length away from him so he could get a better look at me. "You look great."

I looked down at what I was wearing. A pale pink blouse, leggings, and leather boots. "Oh this? I just threw it on", I teased until something hit my nostrils. The delicious smell was coming from the kitchen.

Harry chuckled at me. "I made us dinner. I felt bad we can't go on a proper date because we can't be seen out together, so I decided that we could have a date here."

I felt my heart swell as I leaned in to peck my boyfriend. "You are the sweetest."

Harry pulled out my seat for me, and went to sit down himself. He presented me with a plate full of steak and mashed potatoes. Throughout dinner, we talked about everything and anything; there was not one moment of uncomfortable silence. That was the thing about Harry, we got along so well, and didn't have to try hard to have a conversation. Although I was enjoying myself, I had something bugging me in the back of my head. I knew that I wanted tonight to be the big night- the night when I lost my V-card. I kept telling myself not to eat a lot- my boyfriend wouldn't want to take my shirt off to reveal a muffin top- but I couldn't help it, the food was too good.

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