Story time pt2

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(Y/n) pov

"... over time these videos grew more and more popular, giving them power to feed off of." Mark finished. "The more power the stronger they were able to become. After a while they.. well.. they no longer had to wait until we slept. Any chance at an escape they were out. The only warnings are a feeling of dread and fatigue."

The room was silent for a bit, everyone waiting for me to take it all in.

"That doesn't explain what this mark is though." I said.

They looked at one another uneasily. Clearly something wasn't being said.

"About that.." Felix looked tense as if he were telling a child their fish died.

"This is where things get a bit more complicated.. we aren't quite sure if this is why but.." Mark slid a book across the table to me. "not long after they began to show a coded book ended up on our door steps. The only thing we could decipher is 'don't let them get it'."

I look through the pages as he continues.

"We can only assume they, are the demons, and inside that book contains the information we need to end this.."

I freeze staring at the page. The book must be hundreds of years old but drawn in in ink was the shadow of a girl with a mark on her. The shadow of me.


"(Y/N) they're after you."
"Oh noooo. I wouldn't have ever guessed." I said in apparent sarcasm, earning a couple chuckles.
"Wait wAIT, you know that? How-"
"They kinda showed up at my house, dumb dumb. Remember? I've encountered them like- a lot? I- I saved you..?" He laughed nervously, and I swear I could see his eyes change color. Mark's eyebrow rose.
"What's with the memory man?" He laughed nervously again.
"I- I couldn't tell you..I don't know." Mark nodded.
"Might be a side effect of them being out so long..." Felix nodded, leaving Mark to sigh.
I glanced at Sean who was staring intently at Mark. I tilted my head slightly. He was really, really concentrating on Mark and that bothered me. Something definitely wasn't right.
"Sean?" Felix beat me to it. Sean jumped, yelping slightly.
"Yup yeah hi."
"Are you alright..?"
"Y/N, I'll be completely honest with you.." he looked like he was about ready to cry.
"I-I don't know anymore..I-I don't wanna h-hurt you or anyone and-" woah. Moody much?
"Sean, is ok.." I walked over and hugged him. He silenced, hugging back. He hugged very tightly..

A little too tight.

That's when I heard it. That damn chuckle and haunted my dreams. I pulled away, and Mark and Felix were in terror.

"Think you could escape me that easily, sweetheart?"

// so hi it's cass. i highkey have been dying inside lol lmfao i know y'all dont care But anyway-

// the second part of the chapter was written by the ever lovely soda, who wrote the original storytime part two. which holy hell b l e ss gave me actual ideas to continue writing this

// like i kid you not this entire chapter was her idea

// like????? um??? you know my story better than i do wut?

// so without that lovely bean you would have no story anymore so appreciate her-

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// but i wanted to say i absolutely appreciate her so so much,, so thank you bean

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