Storytime pt 1

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~Chapter dedicated to Soda~

Your POV

I jolt up, about to scream from my unfamiliar surroundings. It isn't until I see Sean that my anxieties are calmed.

"Morning." He smiles warmly. "You hungry for anything?"

"Wait.. morning? What time is it??"

"It's 11:44. We tried waking you for dinner last night but.. you just rolled over and continued to sleep."

that means I was out for-

"I was out for 15 hours??" I stand up. "None of you thought to wake me?? I-I could have been in a coma or something!"

"(y/n)... deep breaths, okay? I know this has been a lot too handle but bear with us here alright..?" Sean sits and motions for me to sit back down beside him. "We did try to wake you up, and went we couldn't at first, we did fear the worst."


"But... Well it's best if you hear the entire story.."

"Sean, it's not like I have anywhere to be. I'm wanted by who knows how many demons, and I don't even know where the hell I am."

Sean gave a week smile. "I suppose so. It all started when our channels were still fairly new..."

// heeeyyy guys did you miss me? admit it, you missed me ;)

but in all seriousness guys if im ever taking too long to update feEL FREE TO YELL AT ME I WONT HOLD IT AGAINST YOU. YOU GUYS ARE MY MOTIVATORS AND IM A LAMO TRYING TO WRITE XD

enjoy this gif as an apology

enjoy this gif as an apology

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