Unwanted house guests

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Finding nothing other than cookie crumbs that I probably left from when I first came home, I decide to go back to my coco. I walk back into the kitchen and pick up my mug to take a sip, but find it empty. "Thanks for the chocolate. Awfully nice of you to welcome me to my new home." I drop my mug at the sound of that demented Irish sounding voice. It almost sounded like... like Jackscepticeye. I turn around to find a demonic version of Mark and Sean standing behind me. "Now, now anti. We don't want to scare poor (y/n) quite yet do we?" The Mark clone said with a demented smile.

 We don't want to scare poor (y/n) quite yet do we?" The Mark clone said with a demented smile

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"My apologies (y/n). Dark and I just wished to stop by and say hello. After all, we will soon become the best of friends." I stood there, frozen in fear. Who the hell where these people? Why did they look like Mark and Jack? What the hell do they mean by friends?!? I start to shake a bit in fear and the two notice. The one I think is named Anti steps close and places his hand under my chin. "Aw. The poor girl is shaking." He says with a small chuckle. I smack his hand away. Anti looks stunned while, who I assume is Dark, laughs in the background. "You litte bit-" I cut him off.

"Hell no! You will NOT talk to me that way nor will you ever touch me or I swear to god you will never see the light of day again!" The two go completely silent, stunned by my reaction. I was no longer shaking due the adrenaline caused by talking back to them. All of a sudden Dark chuckles, like this is funny to him, and Anti shoots  him the literal look of death.

"My, my Anti. Looks like you picked a feisty one. She will be fun."

"Shut the fook up Dark before I make you. As for you, " Anti turns to face me. "be careful lass. You do not want to see my darkside."

Before my common sense could kick in, I once again shut him down. "Ooh. Mr. Bad boy has a darkside. I am sooo scared." I say, extra sarcasm on the side. Anti turns red with anger, and Dark burst out laughing. The lights flicker and Anti's voice becomes deeper and more computerized. "Watch your mouth lass. If you don't, one day you will wake up with it sown shut." The lights flicker off, and someone grabs me. Then, what feels like a cloth with some type of chemical on it is forced on my face and held there. I struggle to get free, but the chemicals cause me to fall into a deep sleep.

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