Who's Salty Now?

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Your POV

After getting dressed I run to the garage. "Come on there's got to be one here somewhere!" I look through the different shelves praying I'll be able to find a paint spray can. 'I remember we bought one a long time ago for a project I had in second grade.' I think. 'I hope there's some still here.' I start to lose hope as I approach the last shelf, considering that shelf consists of chips and soda. Just as I was about to turn away, I spot something hidden behind the soda cans.  "Well, it's sparkly.. and hot pink. I guess it'll have to do." I snatch the can and run back upstairs into the living room. I pull my phone out of my pocket, put on the Suicide Squad album (If you don't like the album just imagine a different one), pull up the picture of the demon trap, and set it down on the coffee table. Singing  along, I uncap the spray can and start drawing the trap on the ceiling.

Once thats done, I open the window to release the fumes from the house

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Once thats done, I open the window to release the fumes from the house. "Well, It's a good thing no one ever looks up." I laugh. "I pray to lords Mark and Jack please don't let my parents look up I'm to young to die." I pick up my phone from off the table and walk to the kitchen. Phase one complete. Next step: Holy water. "How the hell do you make holy water?"

(YOU BOIL THE HELL OUT OF IT. Im sorry I'll get back to the story now.)

After making the holy water, a brilliant idea struck me. Anti loves cookies, doesn't he? A wicked grin forms on my face. Begin phase 3. I pull out the ingredients for cookies and substitute in the holy water. When the time came to add in sugar, I replace it with salt. "Who's salty now?" I laugh at my pun and mix all the ingredients together. I put the dough on a baking tray and throw then into the oven. I set an timer on my phone and check my list. "Holy water, check. Trap, check. Salt, check. " I say grabbing our salt shaker. "I hope this works...."

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