Just Another Job?

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Antisepticeye POV:

"The spell should last for a bit." I say coming out of the basement.

"If they continue to fight like this...We don't have as much time as we thought." Dark says. "If they wake up-"

"'If they wake up who knows when we'll be able to manifest again', I know that." I cut him off.

"God damn it Anti! You know what's going to happen when they wake up! Not 'if' but when! We'll be sucked back into the dark parts of their mind and guess what? They WILL go after (Y/n). If they find her, we're screwed!"

I sigh, knowing that he's right. I push past him and out the door. I hear him scoff and walk in the opposite direction. The prophecy echoes in my mind as I begin my journey to (Y/n)'s house.

The dark ghosts attached to the two of light;
Attached to the ones of the true fight.
A fan of the life, and new beginnings,
Shall save or slay those of sinnings.

"I should have known. I should have known it was her. The small mark on her wrist; it's an old mark meaning 'new beginnings'. God, if I only hadn't been so stupid!" I mumble to myself, knowing what where going to have to do to that poor girl. I sigh as I look up at (Y/n)'s house. "Im sorry (Y/n)..." I shake the thought out of my head. 'Sorry? Im sorry?!? What has that witch done to me...' I make an attempt shove the thoughts to the back of my head. 'After all, she is nothing more than the one who fits the prophecy. She's just another job.' My thoughts begin to calm. Soon my thoughts are once again silent. For a moment, that is. The last thought that flashes through my mind as I enter the house, disturbs my quiet mind.  'Is she really just another job to you? We both know she's much more than that.'

What's up guys? Small clarification the mark below is the one you have on your wrist except your's is smaller, and such. If you want more details, then reread what I wrote about it. ;3

Also, thank you all so much for the support it's really awesome to know that even though I'm trash, Im okay trash

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Also, thank you all so much for the support it's really awesome to know that even though I'm trash, Im okay trash. (But you really need to listen to me because I'm telling you the truth I mean it I'm okay; trUST ME. *loud emo sobbing here from the MCR fandom*)

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