Speed is not key. Getting tfo is key

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Your POV

"Not again... I can't believe I let him escape... this is all my- " Jack notices my presence. "Wait... who are you?"

"My name is (y/n), but that's not important right now. We have to find a way out of this hell hole. Can you reach the keys in front of you?" As much as I want to go into obsessive fan girl mode, I know my first priority id getting the two of them out of here safe and sound. Jack gives a small nod and uses what little strength he has left to pull the keys closer.

"I can't quite reach them with my hands, I'll kick then up.. try to catch them alright, lass?" In a swift motion, he gets his foot slightly under the keys, and kicks them into the air to me. By some lucky chance, I'm able to catch them. "Oh thank gOD." Jack chuckles lightly while I begin fiddling with the lock, trying to find the right key. After a couple minutes, the lock clicks and I'm free from the restraints. I shakily stand and walk over to Jack and release him. "Come on. I'll help you up." I offer my hand and he gladly accepts.

"How'd you get the keys anyway? Usually we have to wait for Felix to get us out of here..." Jack says struggling to stay upright. I sigh and help him upstairs.

"I promise I'll fill you in on everything as soon as I can, but now we need-" I'm cut off by another voice from downstairs.

"Jack?" Mark calls from downstairs. "Jack are you here? Please... I don't want to be alone..."

'Poor bean....' I think. 'Letting out Dark must be traumatizing for him....' I help Jack onto the couch so he can recover.

"Mark it's okay... I'm here for you."

If the situation wasn't so serious, I might have actually let out a scream after Jack said that.

woWIE LOOK AT ALL THESE READS I DONT DESERVE.  Thank you guys... I really don't know what to say??? Like I'm just a smol trash can I don't know what's happening??? I mean? I DONT UNDERSTAND WHATS HAPPING *LOUD SCREAMING*

Yes I am aware the title is trash. I haven't been sleeping that well so I'm an uncreative bean with no talent. XD

Also, I've see that a lot of you have dark sides too. The question is, do you want me to include them in future chapters?

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