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Okay so in the chapter "Speed is not key gtfo is key." I did the unthinkable.

I made a Septiplier reference.

I wanted to bring this up again because I guess I haven't made it clear that I like Septiplier, but as a crack ship. No, I don't actually think it's real.

Yes, I do love Amy and Signe. They're wonderful, beautiful human beings. They deserve all the love in this world, and thEY ARE PRECIOUS HUMAN BEINGS. I LOVE THEM.

My point is, I like joking around about septiplier, but it's all for fun and games.   I don't mean to stir up any trouble, or discredit Mark and Jack's amazing girlfriends.

-The author

Sorry for the small rant.
This wasn't directed at anyone; it was simply to state how I feel about the subject. Thanks for your time <3

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